Death of a trumpet legend, 83

Edward H Tarr, founder of the  Edward Tarr Brass Ensemble and an international authority on period practice, has died at his home in Rheinfelden at the age of 83.

Connecticut born, he studied with Roger Voisin of the Boston Symphony and with Adolph Herseth in Chicago before joining Karl Richter’s Munich Bach Orchestra with whom he made the first of about 100 recordings.

He taught in Basle for 30 years and owned what might be the world’s largest trumpet collection.


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    • Nonesuch Records H-71270

      In the mid 70’s, NPR played this recording on a Saturday afternoon. I never listened much to classical music before that. This recording got my attention. The announcer gave the relevant information about the recording. I wrote it down and walked to my local record store, gave them the slip of paper, and bought the record. I still have and still play it on my turntable. This recording served as my introduction and lifelong interest in classical music. Thank you, Edward Tarr.

  • I interpreted for him when he came to Moscow with the Bach Academy under Helmuth Rilling. He was a wonderful musician and a very warm, genuine person. RIP.

  • I often read that there is no historical basis for a baroque trumpet with finger holes, as he is seen using in the video, and yet they seem to be in widespread use among period instrument ensembles.

    What is the story on that?

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