Coronavirus: Venice will stage concerts without an audience

Coronavirus: Venice will stage concerts without an audience


norman lebrecht

March 01, 2020

The Teatro La Fenice will maintain two scheduled concerts and Tuesday, but they will be performed without an audience and streamed on the Venice theatre’s Youtube channel.

On Monday, the Dafne string quartet of the Fenice’s conductors will perform Beethoven and Borodin. On Tuesday there will be a memoral concert for Virgilio Boccardi. ‘If the public cannot come to us,’ says the sovrintendente, ‘we will try to reach the public.’


  • Alexander says:

    the great power of classical music is in its “magic” live vibrations that create “special vibes” in our souls…some think those magic vibrations can beat any virus better than medicine …
    yuotube on the hand may be quite continental but live music is italians’ best friend 😉
    PS I have never heard of flu epidemic this year, by the way. Did I miss anything ?

  • Florence Sitruk says:

    This is very modern and innovative, as the city is. How bravely Venice continues after its heavy Aqua Alta and now the corona epidemy. We artists should all support this city more, miracle of the Abendland, and not “just fly in and out for romantic two days”.
    Florence Sitruk, International Concert Artist and Prof. of Harp at Indiana University