Breaking: Placido Domingo has Coronavirus

Message from PD:

I feel it is my moral duty to announce to you that I have tested positive for COVID19, the Corona virus. My Family and I are all in self isolation for as long as it is deemed medically necessary. Currently we are all in good health but I experienced fever and cough symptoms therefore deciding to get tested and the result came back positive.

I beg everyone to be extremely careful, follow the basic guidelines by washing your hands frequently, keeping at least a 6 feet distance from others, doing everything you can to stop the virus from spreading and please above all stay home if you can ! Together we can fight this virus and stop the current worldwide crisis, so we can hopefully return to our normal daily lives very soon. Please follow your local government’s guidelines and regulations for staying safe and protecting not just yourselves but our entire community.

Plácido Domingo 


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  • Is everyone finally happy now? AP reporter Jocelyn Gecker? Serial whistleblower Samuel Schultz? “Me Too-ers”?

    He has just donated $500,000 to the AGMA. He has withdrawn from most or all future performances. He has tried to apologize. Nothing was good enough for the Domingo haters. And now he has COVID19. Is that enough for you all now?

      • My, “Mary”, what a mature comment.
        I wish Maestro Domingo and his family much love and support now. I believe he has suffered tremendously. Meanwhile you, “Mary”, accuse a supporter of being a “mental case”. You sound like a nine year old.

        Speedy recovery and much strength, Maestro. We are with you with our hearts and souls.

        • I also wish Domingo a speedy recovery. Nor do I think “Anon” is a mental case. He just plays one on Slipped Disc.


    • I don’t think one has anything to do with the other – how about forgetting the bitterness and simply wishing him, those around him and indeed everyone coping with this virus, quick recovery and good health.

        • I wish the entire human race nothing but the best regarding one’s health (white/black, rich/poor, Democrat/Republican, gay/bi/strait, young/old – shall I go on? We are “all” vulnerable. Coronavirus doesn’t care!

          • Thank you so much. It pays to be generous in life. We are all vulnerable as coronavirus knows no boundaries, multiplies at a frightening rate, and basically kills more than any cancer. Not the time to score points.

          • Er…cancer causes around one-third of deaths each year (which is over 200,000 cancer deaths in Britain). The Covid-19 virus may well kill the same number this year, but only if it isn’t brought under control.

        • Given the effort Trump continues to put forth to make the crisis worse, I can only assume you haven’t seen his recent press ‘conferences’ unless you think his ‘kill the messenger’ technique is helpful.

    • I’m pretty sure Jocelyn Gecker isn’t emotional involved. She did her job – not more, not less. And the “me-too-er” complained about someone who didn’t respect women – their right and not a sign for personal hatred.
      But that’s probably too subtle for people like you.

        • Well, actually, the isolating nature of lockdowns and reduced social contact pose a severe danger to people living with abusive partners &c.

          I hasten to add that the allegations against Domingo are of an entirely different nature (alleged abusive behaviour towards *professional* colleagues), and there is no suggestion whatsoever of any domestic issues involving Domingo. But we should not treat the pandemic as a pretext to shut-down discussion of inappropriate behaviour.

        • I didn’t start talking about this. Anon did.

          As far as I’m concerned: I’m definitely no fan of Mr D., but I wish him of course that he mustn’t suffer and will come through soon.

      • There is a karma. I hope you anf your family will suffer much more than Domingo. You deserve that for all your dirty comments aboout Domingo.

    • Why would anyone be happy to see another person ill? Just because his political views might be different is no reason to wish them harm.
      Remove hatred from your heart and love your fellow man.

        • They don’t have to love Trump or anybody. Self-respect is the usual guide when it comes to these things. Trump isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed in most matters (except business) but it’s his voters who feel insulted, humiliated and berated.

          • SSF- Trump is not good at business. To paraphrase something he said about John McCain: I like the businessmen who don’t have to declare bankruptcy 6 times.

            He’s not a good leader and he’s not worthy of respect because he has no intelligence, skill, ability to learn, or moral compass.

            His voters feel insulted, humiliated and berated because Trump is failing and is constantly being called out by the adults in the room. Supporting him relies on blind loyalty.

          • You may be right, but please remember that those who voted for him had legitimate grievances, that they felt were not being listened to. Calling his voters idiots or “deplorables” is not the way to ensure “the adults” are put back in charge.

          • You’re just another tiny segment of whiny Hillary supporters who are clearly so ENVIOUS of President Trump, you can’t face your numerous inadequacies.

            We sure haven’t heard ANYTHING about what SHE is doing to help the sick or support the artists of the Met!!!

            Sad for the “I’m with her” trolls..

            Where’s Hillary?

            Hillary is alone as usual, wallowing in self-pity like the narcissist she has always been while Bill is out scoring with young girls…

          • Triggered Lib…
            HA, HA!!!!!!!!

            What are you people gonna do?

            Go out and protest???

            Maybe REFUSE Trump’s stimulus CHECK???

            DO IT!!!!!!!!

    • Anon is a garden variety Democrat so your assessment is clearly correct!

      There aren’t enough tests to go ‘round so it’s debatable that he was even tested and is just using this for more sympathy.

      How’s his WIFE?

      • Democratic delight, you must be an extremely delightful person. It is obviously something you would do. I guess you’ll say the same to your friends and family. The virus doesn’t pick and choose, so your turn will come

      • R. I. (you know what that stands for):

        The U.S. is tragically ill-prepared to fight this virus because the orange menace ignored warnings for months. While it’s true that his botched response has led to our current situation and we don’t have enough tests to go around, rich people can always get what they need. Besides, PD may have been tested in any number of more developed countries.

        Now, please go away. This is not the place for your nonsensical political rants. You’re embarrassing yourself and the rest of us.

        • You are angry at Communist China Another Anon.

          You are also stupid enough to focus on the US when it clearly passed through other countries first with ‘better healthcare’ so you think.

          People are getting sick and dying across the globe and you people fixate on one man you’re still jealous of.

          Now, in the US the Democrats are blocking up Trump’s idea to get vital funds out to legal citizens immediately.

          It is YOU and those like you who need to go away and stop embarrassing the Democrats further illustrating how selfish you are.

          • Don’t be silly. Nobody is jealous of Trump. He is a laughing stock. Except, when the going gets tough, he is dangerous.

          • Hillary, Pelosi, Newsom, Schumer, Cuomo, simple-minded Dems have been thoroughly embarrassed ever since the “experts” in the media, pollsters, “academics”, etc were PROVEN to be self-absorbed losers!

            They are fixated on Trump since they ENVY his courage and strength.

            Democrats are the “dangerous” ones with their BS interjections of race, wealth and climate whining.

            Look at who Dems have to choose from: 2 white, wealthy men who belong in nursing homes.

            Trump is trying to get legal US citizens some immediate financial support. Dems blocked it to be vindictive.

            The more your kind acts, the more votes Trump gains yet again…

          • If people like you are representative of classical music fans, I’ll be switching to bluegrass!

          • V.Lind,

            You clearly envy President Trump along with your group.

            Your ruminating feelings of “utter contempt” show how weak and uncertain you are of yourselves.

            ie You never talk about how your policies have been working and improving the districts you’ve held for decades. You can’t. They are usually dumpy, jobless, high-crime, poverty-ridden cesspools that people are moving away from.

            You criticize a Jew who graduated from far left NYU and harp on a single news outlet to somehow justify your enmity.

            Your jealous and appalled that your so-called educated set of experts, pollsters, media and academia utterly failed you based on incorrect ‘facts’. Your link of celebratory front pages clearly illustrates your deep envy of somebody else’s success.

            So thank you V.Lind for admitting your shortcomings. Hopefully your immature party will learn that both verbal and physical assaults created the need for a superior leader and that your not any better than anybody else.

            Praying for you during this difficult time..

          • R.I., A.K.A “Blessed”:

            Did you learn how to spell LOSE and LOSING, yet?

            Here’s a new challenge for you. Try to differentiate between the possessive “YOUR” and the contraction “YOU’RE” because they’re not interchangeable.
            It might be best not to make mention of “so-called educated” people until you learn to make that distinction.

            When you write “Your jealous and appalled,” and “your not any better,” you come across as being REALLY STUPID!

            And you haven’t been trolling this site long enough to know, but V. Lind is not an appropriate target, since she’s educated and not American.

          • “Player” needs Jesus and to take her meds.

            Try your local church first dear. They can put you in touch with social services and a good mental health provider and birth control instead of abortion.

          • You girls can’t dispute ANY of those FACTS as usual.

            You need to respect other opinions especially when they represent the will of the people and not your petty special interests.

            You people clearly are jealous, appalled and not any better than anybody else.

            Your political policies are disastrous as you can’t point out any successes. That’s how Trump won and Hillary has become powerless. She is an entitled, sarcastic, scorned woman who chose to stay with an abuser.

            President Trump’s second term is guaranteed since you have nothing but a pair of senile, wealthy, white males you must despise.

            PS V.Linds link to Trump’s glorious victory is a godsend! Thanks #womenfortrump

          • Concentrating on “legal Americans” is not a sane policy since the large number of undocumented people living in the US, and the large number of legal Americans with no health insurance (or inadequate health insurance) will just result in the COVID-19 being incubated and then spread amongst everybody.

          • You must be glad you don’t live in the US

            We’re watching them get sick and die laughing away just like you V.Lind

          • The American people voted him in. He didn’t just arrive there on his own, money or not, like a dictator in other far-flung countries I won’t mention. And it’s not the time to score points on a site that goes all around the world. We are not all Americans, or live in America, and have family dying in Europe.

          • Actually not too many American people. It was the rather odd systeme with these electors which got him in the White House despite the fact that Ms Clinton had actually gotten more voices.

        • Almost everyone ignored warnings, even WHO. Italy has the best health care system in Europe by some measures and they were not prepared.

      • What an evil comment to make! Why would he lie about a positive test?
        I hope and pray he and his family will be well

      • Go away you evil-thinking person! I don’t want my worst enemy to be positive in this situation. We are all human beings with our good points but as many bad ones. Where is your humility on this earth?

    • I cannot overstate the imbecility of you comment, Anon. No one in their right mind would be happy that Domingo is ill. AP reporter Jocelyn Gecker was just doing her job. And considering that independent investigations by both AGMA and LA Opera found evidence against him, it would seem Gecker didn’t do such a bad job after all. What in god’s name is your problem with “Me Too-ers”? Do you seriously object to victims of sexual abuse and harassment saying enough is enough, and people in society supporting them? The Me Too movement started with Harvey Weinstein, who was just sentenced to 23 years in prison for third-degree rape and sexual assault. When you mock “Me Too-ers” you are disrespecting his victims and the people who believed them and supported them. Is that where you stand? In defense of rapists and abusers? What kind of garbage human being are you?

    • The two are unrelated. I wouldn’t wish COVID or any serious malady on anyone, and the various allegations are unrelated to his having contracted it. And nobody hates Domingo, they hate impunity; people want him and others to be held accountable for their deeds. And props to him for his donation to AGMA.

    • Mr. Domingo has everyone’s sympathy for his contracting this virus, and wishes for his speedy recovery.

      That said, and meant, your correlations are false and aggressive and determined to stir. Nobody becomes a saint due to contracting illness; it does not wipe out their activities prior to the affliction.

      Nor does his unhappy circumstance devolve upon those who had previous encounters with him that did not leave them happy.

      For the love of God, this virus and its consequences are far too serious to conflate with your agenda. Just wish the poor man and his family well and leave it at that.

      The virus has brought out some horrible meannesses in people, from hoarders to those who decline to observe recommended responses in their communities. Your comment is one of the nastiest yet. His condition has nothing to do with anything else. A more generous spirit would have simply wished him well. Spewing out venom accomplishes nothing.

  • I’m sorry to hear the Mr Domingo and, perhaps, his family are unwell. It is a dangerous condition at advancing years and I wish him and all near him a speedy recovery as indeed I do for all who have contracted the virus. It knows no condition or personality!

    • Yeah. I guess if he dies thats the best move he can make. What’s next, go to Madrid and desecrate his tomb? Erase him from history?

      These situations are exactly whats wrong with the #metoo movement many times. A very small group of people distespect the actual suffering of victims and reveal their hatred, vitriol, and thirst for vengeance for anything that has to do with the male gender.

      Specially certain “Jabba the Hut” person who comments here every time Domingo appears. (I think it rhymes with Wax)

      • Sadly, this comment says farmore about the kind of person you are than it does about him! Go and wash your mouth out with salt water.

      • I’m part of the me too movement. Nevertheless I wish Mr D (your dad?) a speedy recovery – and I’m sure so do a lot of women.
        However, becoming infected doesn’t make him a saint and it doesn’t make us forget what he’s done.

      • I got a nickname! How sweet of you!

        And yes, I do comment on this topic because I really dislike harassment of women and the men who do it. Nevertheless I never wished your dad becoming sick. And I certainly don’t think Corona is something of a “punishment”. It’s just a virus which goes around without looking who it hits – and I wish it no one.

        However, I’m aware that something like that is too subtle for people like you.

    • Tori, remember your words and think of them when you or your loved one fight this illness. Make no mistske, your pay will come

    • I see to request for sympathy in Domingo’s statement. On the contrary – he advises the people to follow the rules and stay at home

    • Tori, “At long last have you left no sense of decency?”
      Joseph N.Welch. 60+ years later it is still current.
      I couldn’t think of a more appropriate question to ask you. For shame!

  • Querido Plácido, todas mis oraciones son para la recuperación de ti y de tu familia. ¡Por favor, ten cuidado y cuídate mucho!

    • Gustavo, there are thousands out there pressing these glands. Don’t you feel sorry for everyone who’s suffering from the virus?

      • Yes, but here, an individual case from a rich western environment seems to be of special concern.

        I do not support this form of group selection.

        When this virus hits e.g. Africa, not only will the rich old Divas be affected.

        • Gustavo, the virus doesn’t check bank accounts. There is quite a number of well-known people with positive tests, from Hollywood actors to politicians, on different continents.

          • These individuals and their governments can afford the test many people, resulting in a massive perception bias.

            Your Hollywood VIPs get tested more readily while the majority of cases among the mob go undetected.

          • And that is precisely *why* covid-19 is being taken so seriously (unlike the climate emergency, in respect of which rich people think they can find ways of sheltering themselves from the worst consequences).

            Viruses pay no heed to wealth and insurance coverage. Let us hope that this pandemic will be the wake-up call that gets politicians all over the world to implement universal healthcare provision that is free at the point of access.

  • Our most precious and beloved Maestro. Thank you for letting us know what is happening. I am so sorry you are not well with this Covid-19. 🙁 I hope you have a speedy recovery and please please take care of yourself and I hope Dona Marta is well. I wish all your family good health too. We miss you so much but your health now is a priority. I send you virtual hugs and God Bless you and your family. with love and great respect and admiraton from Canada.

  • I hope your American witches, your media, and your Senator are now satisfied? I also hope that you at AGMA will choke on his $ 500,000.

      • Nothing. But his overall condition might be weaker now after all the stress of the last 9 months.

        I wish him and his family a speedy recovery, let us hope it is just a mild form in this case and that he gets better soon. The same to everybody who has it. Everybody else – stay safe.

    • Olga, Olga, Olga! Should a woman go around calling other women “Witches”? You are the one that is choking on your hatred in a way that Domingo’s more reasonable critics never did.

      • She can do ist because it is true! Look at the past 9 months, what was done to Maestro Domingo and his family… By a handful of women who abuse Metoo for their own purposes!

      • Larry D, I am not the Olga who wrote the comment and I wouldn’t use words like “witches” – but I can still answer you. The mass media lynching is illegal and is called defamation, if this word suits you better. And until now I haven’t heard any critic of Domingo which I could call “reasonable”. And names called by some of these critics are much worse than “witch”. So don’t blame Olga for getting a bit emotional

        • There has been no “media lynching” ( a very unpleasant word to use, if you know the remotest vestige of history), nothing illegal, and no defamation. There are legal remedies for these, and Mr. Domingo has never elected to use them.

          Two investigations found culpability on Mr. Domingo’s part. Major musical institutions in more than one part of the world have chosen to sever relations with him. The make-up of all these would have prominently featured men as well as women. Denial is nothing but obsessive fandom, and just as ridiculous as girls who used to scream themselves into frenzy at the Beatles.

        • You may not be the same Olga, but you’re just as deluded. “Lynching”? Give me a break. And if it’s “defamation”, and “illegal” (Huh?) let him sue. His chickens finally came home to roost and perhaps now he has the time to review his past. He has at least two non-mass media investigations to jog his memory.

          • He won’t sue because he knows all too well that he couldn’t win.
            I’ve worked for AP and I know how accurate they do their checking of facts. They wouldn’t have published if they wouldn’t have been sure they could stand to it in front of a court.

            I think it says a lot he hasn’t sued …

      • I agree with Olga. These 3 false non-talented opera losers and Debra Kaz deserve much more suffer tha Domingo. Im sure karma will find them.

    • I think you should be aiming your anger at Sam Schultz and not AGMA. He is the loser who ran on “helping others and changing the culture of AGMA” and then threw a dozen plus women under the bus to get himself back in the media. He doesn’t believe in the privacy of others, but expects to believed on his word only. America is insane and so many in the U.S. can’t see past the words on their screen and want to be spoon fed like infants.

      • And don’t forget that Schultz participated in the 2015 Operalia contest in London and was already out in the first round, so personal revenge on Domingo may have played a role….

    • No, the ‘witch’ Nancy Pelosi is not satisfied.

      She and the Democrats just BLOCKED Trump from sending out immediate financial help to every legal US citizen.

      As for how much AGMA will accurately distribute and not ‘loose track of’ as usual will be subject to a stringent IRS audit. Hopefully they will help those legitimately in need.

  • A horrible time where people will be suffering financially and health wise. If you cannot say something nice rather do not say anything.

    • Andwhat did he do? Is there any legal court investigation? No. AMA and LA opera investigations are non-professinal and non-legal. And false statement of 3 opera losers are not proof in any case.
      So stop posting bull shit about Doming! That’s enought.

    • Ya’aqov, you are most probably measuring with your own yard stick and it is the projection of your sick, twisted and evil mind. What goes around, comes around.

    • Of course, illnesses are invented solely with an intention to simulate, sure. But this is ok if you think so, you can’t change your nature. It’s just a pity you judge the others based on your own views

  • One can say that they are deeply sorry for what Domingo is going through with Coronavirus while also not absolving him of his behavior against women. I don’t understand what it is about this site that brings out the worst in people.

  • Querido Sr. Plácido, Dios le ha de dar su alivio. Somos MUCHOS quienes le queremos. Bendiciones para Vd. y su familia.

  • Sad to hear….praying that Mr. Domingo & family recover quickly….need to heed his message & advice on prevention and all you bashers, QUIT dwelling on past issues, show some compassion…..

  • All my prayers for you and your entire family, dear Plácido Domingo. I also send you all my strength and energy for your speedy recovery to be able to resist these killjoys and wind-turning airheads.

      • LarryD, you have used absolutely every opportunity on every text on Domingo to spill your venom. What the hell is your issue with the man? You’re not fighting for women ‘s rights, I don’ t buy that. You are just a cynical and bitter hater. Pathetic.

        • I defy you, “Daniela”, to quote anything I said that could be considered “venomous” by any reasonable person. I don’t hate Domingo, but admit that some of his blind defenders piss me off a little. I don’t remember asserting that I was fighting for women’s rights, but I’m glad to be taken for such a one. Normally I keep such things between me and my Goddess.

      • Larry D, Domingo has brought lots of joy and help to the whole world, with his art and charitable actions. Let’s not be ungrateful

        • If you should care, I continue to respect his past artistry and his role in shaping the tenor repertory. I have no intention of discarding his CDs, or my memory of seeing him live. But I am baffled by the teenage types on this site, who idolize the “noble” “maestro” to the point where any criticism of his actions is out of bounds and must be met with vituperative, usually misspelled, language against any questioning of their god. Cliches like “loser” to describe any criticism of his behavior are repeated ad infinitum. “Venom” is another popular choice. Scroll through, and find your own favorites!

  • Dear Norman. I am from a wild, uncivilized Russia and it is difficult for me to understand such a high degree of cynicism of your blog readers. I know for a fact that Placido Domingo was the victim of well-organized bullying. But that doesn’t matter now. This person would never use an illness to improve his reputation or cause anyone to feel sorry for him. He is a man of incredible nobility and dignity, which can be understood by the primitive bastards that I see so often in the comments to your articles. You can block my comment as disrespectful to the other participants in the conversation, but this would not be fair, because you gave these fucking asses the right to insult Domingo at a time when his life is under threat. I believe that there is a special place for all these people in hell, where they will swim in their own boiling shit.

    • Anna, I agree with you!
      These dirty cynics should be ashamed of themselves. You are not even ashamed now that Placido Domingo is ill. You are not human beings! Who brought you up that you had no behavior at all?

    • Let’s see here—“primitive bastards”, “fucking asses”, “boiling shit”? How could you POSSIBLY worry that your comment might be seen as disrespectful? Your simple decency shines through every word you wrote, and Domingo must be proud to have you as cheerleader. I know that for a fact, to echo your own phrase.

    • That place can be found in the western society among the old and rich who don’t believe in climate change but are letting a virus go viral.

  • I think it is time to stop spitting venom .
    How dare any of you to accuse him of manipulating! He didn’t have to go public with his illness and as someone correctly stated, the stress of the last many months has probably weakened him. His medical condition has nothing to do with his ancient indiscretions. Do you know that mortality from COVID-19 in people over 70 is 20%?!. Let us all act human for a change, those that cannot get past their hatred are to be pitied, and wish him and his family good health and full recovery.

    • Melady wrote: “Do you know that mortality from COVID-19 in people over 70 is 20 percent”.

      It is actually pretty hard to know what the mortality rate is since only a fraction of the people who get it will be diagnosed: if lots of people have it without any or very minor symptoms then this would make the death rate much lower. Most people are fine, so long as they have no other underlying serious health condition.

  • Wishing him well and a good and speedy recovery from this illness, I would wish anyone the same, always!
    The fact that he is ill does not have anything to do with the fact that he behaved as he admitted he did, these are totally two different stories and should be treated separately…

  • Good advice from PD.

    Whatever one thinks of the accusations made against him, he is a human being and a very distinguished and great musician at that. Let’s all hope and pray for him. Please get well, PD.

  • Beside the fact, that he is a SEXUAL PREDATOR, we should wish him speedy recovery. It is neither good nor moral to wish someone sickness… what I didn’t understand from his statement is: what kind of moral duty he has, to report us that he is Corona-positiv? A “moral duty” from someone who has no morality? ….

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