Believe it: Orchestra plays Beethoven 9th from their homes

Believe it: Orchestra plays Beethoven 9th from their homes


norman lebrecht

March 20, 2020

The Rotterdam Philharmonic teamed up with a Dutch healthcare provider to film the finale of Beethoven’s 9th with all the musicians playing their parts by video from their homes.

It’s an extraordinary achievement, overwhelming in the final minutes.

If ever a video deserved to go viral, this is it.

Share like crazy, please.

UPDATE: And now they’re being challenged by the Toronto Symphony.

EXCLUSIVE: The Rotterdam video was made without rehearsal. Read here.

UPDATE: Beethoven 9th played from home, now with added musicians

EXCLUSIVE: In locked-down Israel, Mozart connects

UPDATE: Rotterdam Phil’s viral vid makes it onto Oprah


  • Anmarie says:

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Anmarie says:

    (It wouldn’t let me submit my punctuation-only comment):

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • DAVID says:

    Thank you Rotterdam Philharmonic. Wonderful initiative and yet absolutely heartbreaking to think this has become the only way we can all share music together.

  • Ivan Cerovac says:


  • Rafael Enrique Irizarry says:

    A potent display of musicianship. But it goes well beyond that: the commitment of these professional artists to their craft and to the importance of what they contribute to their community sets a very high bar. A friend once taught me “if you do music right it will humble you every day.” I don’t know if I do music right, but I do know I am humbled by this…

  • The Real Anon says:

    Ah! They beat us to it! My orch. is also doing this. Our editors are a little slower, I guess.

  • Christopher Clift says:

    What a testament to musicians everywhere, making the best of what is their vocation. Brilliant.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Brilliant. Thanks so much RPO.

  • David Smith says:

    Muscians having fun.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Fantastic!! Wonderful!! Tutti Bravi!!
    What a great message of love, solidarity, and situational awareness to send out!!
    I cried like a baby.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rotterdam Philharmonic musicians. Mille, mille grazie!!

  • pamela frame says:

    It’s inspiring.

  • Pat says:

    Thank you for the beautiful Beethoven strains that are always so moving and for your goal to continue making music at all times! Sharing in Arizona!

  • Michael Kenmir says:

    Brava! Bravo! You all have reduced me to tears.

  • Victoria Nakamura says:

    Support your favorite musicians and orchestra. Send them mon/donate to them MONEY. Help get them through this crisis that have left them without jobs. Thank you

  • Mr. Schwa says:

    What a waste of time. I played C-major scale at home today. Anybody want to see it?? Should go viral !!

  • Mary says:

    Thanks for soothing the savage beast of worry! Beautiful. You all obviously love what you do.

  • Elvira says:

    It made me cry!
    It was so moving

  • Sud Deland says:

    Wonderful,. It is this the new normal?

  • Victoria Ward says:

    Beethoven Beethoven I love you you.
    Trust you to rise to the top again in our hour of need of Fantastic music love U

  • Jackyt says:

    Inspirational! Many , many thanks!

  • Patricia Najhawan says:

    Wow!!!! If the world needed to hear this ever….it needs to be heard now…and always!

  • Wonderfull!!

    Here at Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá music doesn’t stop either. Something very special is on the way…entirely from home!


    Wouldn’t it be great if this were possible? It’s wonderful to hear these musicians playing with such love. Wish the ending were live, too.

    • Janet Smyth says:

      I think it’s against the Law to congregate en masse, a choir would be an impossible live addition!,

    • HollywoodMozart says:

      I was a bit disappointed that they cut the ending off. The last note does have a reverb tail and felt as if someone just decided they must’ve been late for their coffee break and snapped it off. Please respect the endings! They are powerful. There’s always a complainer in every crowd. That’s not me. I appreciate every note and effort that went into this. It left me wanting more. (Especially the last note. LOL).

  • Juliet says:

    Soooooooo very beautiful, positive and thank you

  • Joanne F. Villeneuve says:

    Merci! <3 <3 <3

  • Jeffery Barker says:

    Uplifting, an everlasting jewel of humanity…Thank you!

  • I really loved it . Made me feel Happy and now I have it as an ear worm running around my head . How wonderful. Thank you all!!

  • Bloody brilliant, well done all!

  • Ro says:

    Fabulous! Thank you for creatively combining your talents against the isolation and silence. Hear my raucous applause from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. xoxox

  • Sarah says:

    Wonderful, so uplifting . Can I ask what software was used?We had to cancel our choir’s 50th Anniversary concert next Saturday and I would love for us to sing all together next Saturday evening to show solidarity. I have experimented with Zoom but it only picks up one microphone at a time. This looks a very professional job though!

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Sarah, I was wondering the same thing but as far as I know, online, we can only record and layer rather than playing at the same time as each other. Sorry your concert was cancelled. My choir is getting together to drink wine instead!

  • Tom Bjorklund says:

    I get choked up every time I hear the Ode to Joy, but never more so than with this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Janet Minium says:

    Thank you! I smiled through the entire piece 🙂

  • David says:

    How joyful. Thank you.

  • Margaret Haggart says:

    Wonderful to share this, all the way on the other side of the World, in Melbourne Australia. Truly, music unites us all in such joyful emotion, regardless of external stress & despair. Thank You, feels inadequate for your magnificent performance❤️

  • June says:

    What is the app to use for this kind of performance?

  • Micaelo Cassetti says:

    A wonderful gesture.
    PLEASE could an orchestra do a “Mahler” or a “von Weingartner” and arrange and perform Ludwig’s “Heiliger Dankgesang” ? Not only would it be highly relevant, it would be a lasting tribute to a great composer who suffered much from his ills…”Doctor, close the door against Death ! Notes will help him who is in need.”
    Perhaps the Bonn Beethoven-Orchester ?

  • This is beyond fabulous. Thank you for bringing light in a time of darkness.

  • Alicia Wiechers says:

    Wonderfull. Our chorus is trying to do cyber- rehearsals. Please recomend a platform. Is Vimeo?

  • Sharon Kirkham says:

    I love, love, love this! Thank you!

  • Bunny Raasch says:

    What a lift! What a gift!

  • Jan says:

    Thank you from Minnesota USA

  • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    Thanks for lifting me up!

  • Jeraldine says:

    Amazing performance together from a distance! Beautiful Beethoven! Just the uplift the world needs now!

  • Dan says:

    Brought me tears of joy. Thank you SO much for this gift.

  • peggy ramsey says:

    Just what we need.

  • Bill Mertens says:

    That’s wonderful. Thanks so much.

  • Aidan says:

    We were going to be singing with them, but this virus ruined it for us. God it was amazing to practice for.

    • Henry williams says:

      I used to work with a guy your name in the home office who sang in different
      Choirs. Is this aiden stradling if so let me know.
      Mr viner

  • Linda Gaines says:

    They must have excellent software/hardware to get everything synched.

  • One of my fave works for choir and orchestra! I’ve sung this over 200 times with the Toronto Symphony and Mendelssohn Choir. Thank you for these uplifting few minutes of musical excellence!! Debbie Fleming

  • KWittenborn says:

    wonderful, wonderful, world, and wonderful humans

  • MEG B says:

    A thousand thankyous. It is a perfect reminder of how powerful we are when we all play our part with care.

  • Joyce Sudikoff says:

    Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you so much

  • Eugenie Salfatis says:

    Love you very much thank you for playing you are fantastic peoples love music

  • Claudia H says:

    Could you post what app/platform they used to play silultaneously? The orchestra in which I play is trying to figure out how to rehearse together – thanks!

  • Dean says:

    Watched this. Played along. Feel much better.
    Thanks Rotterdam Phil.

  • Charlotte Hart says:


  • Mary says:

    Absolutely beautiful – it’s a smaller world than we think especially as we share times like these – thank-you for sharing this. God bless you.

  • kathleen says:


  • .jeanne says:

    Thank you so much. This piece and your effortsswells one’s heart and lifts our spirit. Thank you again from Minnesota on the edge of the Prairie.

  • Roger Guilfoyle says:

    Truly spiritual

  • Judy Baird says:

    A different kind of flash mob. Loved it.

  • Michele Risa says:

    What an inspiration! From isolation to DEEP connection…yes, nothing can stop us beautiful souls…nothing.

  • Barbara Ponse says:

    This was so joyous and so beautiful! Though we are staying apart we’re all together in this! Thank you♥️♥️

  • aSoundGuy says:

    So, where was the choir? Or were they all finger syncing?

  • Allan Leicht says:


  • Priscilla says:


  • JMO says:

    Wonderful, thoroughly enjoyed it…..very moving….thank you to all…from the other side of the world…New Zealand..we are all one ” kia kaha” be strong.

  • So beautiful, and so moving. Thanks so much! We need more of this community-building and spiritual nourishment while we are otherwise so isolated. (Watching from my apartment in Amsterdam, not so far away.)

  • Drew says:

    I love this ! Thank you Rotterdam

  • TBH says:

    ❤️❤️Love this…very comforting

  • Ahalya says:

    What a fantastic idea. Stay home musicians , thank you for this beautiful music from the heart, you have touched ours.

  • Christina Bruce says:


  • rose says:

    how can we like this and make it go viral, wonderful performance

  • Denise Wicken says:

    This is wonderful! Were you all playing together live, or was it edited together afterwards?

  • Rachid bennis says:


  • anna bramwell says:

    Just so moving. Thank you, thank you.

  • Virginia BeVard says:

    Play on, Rotterdam!!!

  • Ann RC says:

    People do come together, all sorts of positives in serious times! Thanks for sharing. Thoughts are with you all from South Carolina USA!

  • Mary Louise Creechan says:

    Truly inspirational. Thank you.

  • Anne says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again for sharing your talents and love for music with us. How beautifully magical. I loved it.

  • Dorian says:

    Geweldig! Wat een goed initiatief! Even genieten in deze gekke wereld.

  • Cindy says:

    Amazing, thank you!

  • Mary Ellen says:

    Wow. Just. Wow. Thank you for that. Music will bring us to the other side.

  • Thank you Bless you all Be well.

  • Elss says:


  • Shari says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m in bits weeping. What a beautiful gift they gave and how did they do it? It’s fantastic. Love love, Shari

  • David says:

    Wonderful! What platform was used to make this happen? How did they sync online in real time?

  • Linda Burt says:

    what technology enables them to do this?

  • kimberly says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent from home to the world! Beautiful and inspiring.

  • Kelly Huenergardt says:

    Beautiful!!! Cannot quiet JOY!

  • Dr. Stephen Steinlightt says:

    This is the greatest musical expression of human solidarity ever written Thank you for reminding us so beautifully we are all one family

  • Claire says:

    Brilliant! It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, thank you.

  • Miguel Ángel Vera M says:

    Indescriptiblemente bello.
    Gracias por éste buen momentomomento.

  • Maire Davies says:

    Thankyou. Wonderful!!

  • Viv Young says:

    Brilliant! Uplifting. Wonder which orchestra will follow next….

  • Muffie Grieve says:

    This amazing performance brought me to tears ! Thank you for bringing a concert hall into our seclusion!
    Muffie Grieve

  • Lallie Amon says:

    Thank you Rotterdam Philharmonic for sharing your talent to
    the world.
    You brought tears to my eyes with Joy!
    Danke vielmals.

  • peggy shepard says:


  • Barbara Purdue says:

    Joy bursting in my heart. I got tears listening. Thank you. I will share. Many blessings to you all!

  • Audrey Rotati says:

    Bless you all! What a beautiful gift! I love it!!! Please give us more

  • Anita says:

    Thank you! This was the first day that I woke up really, really down. Checked my phone, saw this as a text from my daughter, lay in bed and watched-listened. And realized that we are going to get through this.

  • thanks, danke, merci, tak, a group of American college singers is doing a similar performance.

  • Elsa Cloud says:

    Wunderschöne! Vielen dank!

  • Jill says:

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  • Pippa Milne says:


  • Judy says:

    thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • elaine says:


  • David says:

    My gosh, I absolutely loved this!

  • Diane says:

    Wonderful!! This gave me goose bumps!

  • Sonja says:

    Thank you

  • Lisa Knox says:

    That was beautiful. Well done and thank you.

  • Melvena says:

    A fascinating achievement. Congratulations. Melvena

  • Lucy says:

    This was beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes not because of the great music, but because it’s such a great demonstration of what amazing things human beings can do, and the obstacles that can be overcome, when we work as a team. Thank you!

  • Liz and Graham says:

    Thank you for doing such s loving thing for us. All of us out here in quarantine or observing isolation in some way

  • Ana says:

    So beautiful. Art can survive!

  • Gaye Macy, San Diego says:

    Tears! Magnificent thing to do, musicians. Thank you for making music for us together from each of you.

  • Cheryl says:

    Too bad they couldn’t show the chorus.

  • annette f. wood says:

    Thank you and xxx to all!

  • Praseela Feltenstein says:

    Speechless! Thank you!!

  • Nancy Miller says:

    Absolutely fabulous!

  • Howard Rossman says:


  • Ann McKenzie, Toronto, Canada says:

    How do I send my thanks from Toronto to Rotterdam, via my dear friends who shared this with me?
    Blessings upon all of you, and especially on the genius who conceived this idea!

    With love for today and all your tomorrows!

  • Joann Levinr says:

    Thst was fsntastic. Thank you.

  • Marilyn levy says:


  • Aviva Frumer says:

    Thank you Rotterdam philharmonic Is was more than real pleasure to listen to you

  • Brigitte says:


  • Anil says:


  • Very unusual and uniquely amazing! Great! Do it again!

  • Millicent Essandoh-Bergwerk says:


  • Mercy says:

    A great testimony to the human spirit. I will pay for my ticket!!!!!!

  • Kathryn says:

    This made me cry.
    Such beauty, the iconic piece and the mastery of these fine musicians. Awesome idea!

  • Linda says:

    Wow – I was singing along with you. A virtual choir would have been great, too!

  • Lore Lixenberg says:

    The first thing I will do when all this is over, if I’m alive, is go to the biggest orchestral concert I can find.

  • Geertruud says:

    To all my friends and people all over

  • C. Ballard says:


  • Jocelyn Wills says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  • Susan says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you does not even begin to express how grateful we are to the musicians in Rotterdam. Bravo/Brava, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve given so much “joy” to so many!

  • David Fearon says:

    Isn’t it amazing what can be done (is being done) in this radically new situation! -DF

  • Beautiful ! Wonderful for you to share with US. Your music is soul lifting, heart filling.
    Thank you ALL for your your sharing talents and care through your extraordinary gift of music.

  • FRANNY says:


  • mary Twining says:

    Dag! Ik hep julllie lief. Zo mooi Danken sie well. Mary

  • Javier Altamirano says:

    Muy bonito, muchísimas gracias !!

  • Dinah says:

    Phenomenal. Bravo, bis.

  • lisa singer says:


  • Mary Bierbaum says:

    Fabulous! Listening in Minnesota USA.Thank you for sharing. Enjoyed every minute.

  • Adele says:

    Just glorious!

  • Brenda Scott says:

    Wow!!! Brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful!!!

  • Esther Schwartz says:

    It was unbelievable and most enjoyable What a creative idea

  • Saskia Lodder says:

    This is magical!

  • Taravao says:

    What a privilege to be able to listen to them play. This made my day.

  • Thank you for your beautiful passion & music in these challenging times!

  • Beth Newburger says:

    Amazing and inspirational. Worth a trip to Rotterdam to hear snd thank these wonderful musicians.

  • Lisa says:

    Would love to know how this is done so our community band could give it a try.

  • Cynthia Shelhorse says:

    Bravisimo ! I stood and clapped ! <3

  • john says:

    simply lovely

  • Pinny Lacon says:

    What a marvellous idea, keep the music coming.

  • Anne Moore says:

    It’s been a long day with too much bad news around the world. This had me in tears. THANK YOU, Rotterdam musicians. Bravo.

  • Barbara Hassid says:

    Wow!!!! if we ever needed beautiful gorgeous, brilliantly talented musicians like yourselves and the healing power of Beethoven it’s now!!!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ from San Francisco – BARBARA HASSID – CO- Editor— “BECOMING BEETHOVEN – The Formative Years 1770-1792

  • Lois Brynes says:


  • Andrew Grimson says:

    Support the Arts. It is why we live.

  • Amy says:

    Inspirational. Thank you Rotterdam Philharmonic!

  • Debra Abramovitz says:

    This is fabulous. Thank you!

  • Mary Ellen Stumpf says:

    So amazing – the power of music and technology. I’m grateful.

  • Leah says:

    Checking in from New Rochelle, NY. Loved this!

  • Pamela says:

    <3 <3 <3

  • Richard Peterson says:

    Always my favourite; a call to arms for all humanity; unite, be one, stand together; be brothers, sisters and confront all the evils of the world and overcome them with you love, compassion and love of life. The greatest of Bethoven’s works. Let us come together.

  • Katherine says:

    How beautiful!

  • Carolyn Vernaglia says:

    What an uplifting treat this morning. Thank you ! The performance gave me goose bumps. Carolyn

  • Hetty says:

    Simply amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents. Much love!

  • Denise says:

    Today more than last month or the month before that, my soul has needed soothing. This beautiful effort to come together and provide a beautiful rendition did just that. So grateful for your sharing this.❤️

  • Bob says:

    Awesome! God bless them all.


    Very much enjoyed hearing you play. Makes staying home easier. Thanks

  • Janet Smyth says:

    Oh that’s wonderful! It’s made me very emotional. I’m going to share it with all my family & my musician friends, & then to you again❤️Thank you all for making a difference by playing this beautiful piece of music, & ensemble even though apart.

  • Helen Ainscough says:

    Brilliant, I was humming & whistling along.

  • Helen Ainscough says:

    Bravo! Brilliant.
    I joined in by whistling and humming. Stopped in my tracks when the the singing commenced.
    Just loved it.
    Well done all of you!

  • Joanna says:

    What app are they using?

  • Valerie says:

    Thank you so very much for a thrilling bright spot in a socially isolated day.

  • Joseph Natoli says:

    Sorry if this was already asked, but what technology was used to make this possible? Outstanding! Thanks for sharing.

  • Dorothy says:

    B R A V O…..

  • Deanna says:

    Thanks you so much. Definitely crying here.

  • Jan says:

    So beautiful. It would be so fantastic for these gifted musicians to be able to meet each other and play together in person some day. Crying tears of joy.

  • Michael Davidson says:

    Wow. Simply amazing!!!!

  • Lyl says:

    Wow! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pamela. Loomis says:

    Absolutely fabulous, just made my heart swell with love for every single one of you!! Bravo!!! ❤️

  • Rosemarie Luttinger says:


  • EMB says:

    bravo, brava, bravisimo!

  • Deb Venman says:

    Heartwarming and uplifting!

  • Cynthia Hanson says:

    You’ve brought me tears of joy!

  • Carl Zweben says:

    Beautiful and Moving!!

  • renee hack says:

    Makes me cry – We are so mired in the crass, ignorant decisions of my government that anything beautiful and intelligent brings tears.

  • Maddy says:

    Amazing! I play the french horn and It was very nice

  • Linda Heller says:

    Thank you wonderful musicians of the Rotterdam orchestra. You’ve created beauty during a time of such heartbreak.

  • Thea Jones says:

    The very best! Thank you! We need this!

  • AMY A GILBERT says:

    Sending love and gratitude to all you amazing musicians from Vancouver, Canada. Be well!

  • Edward Seymour says:


  • Em says:

    Made me cry. In sharing your souls you’ve helped restore my love of humanity.

  • cb says:


  • Carole says:

    Bravissimo! This left me tears brimming in my eyes.

  • Annie says:

    Totally extraordinary! Utterly uplifting! What gifted, wonderful human beings. Thank you xxx

  • Essjay says:

    Breathtakingly Beautiful ! Thank you!

  • Karen says:

    That was fantastic!! Thank you so much!!

  • Jean A Autrey says:

    I watch this every morning. Glorious!

  • Paul says:


  • Heddy Wright says:

    Magnificent! A salute to the human spirit.

  • pam m says:

    what a magnificent gift at this trying time- I am deeply moved and sustained

  • Vilma Vitanza says:

    Thank you for giving us the gift of music that heals, and brings people together.

  • Jane says:

    So wonderful…warms my heart! Thank you!

  • Mary from Montpelier, VT! says:

    Bravo!!!! And thank you so much.

  • Charles Maier says:

    Dank-U Wel! Een inspiratie.

  • Amy Renak says:

    This brought me to tears. How I miss making music with my students and friends. Stay strong everyone.

  • Delores says:

    Absolutely beautiful, and thank you, musicians of Rotterdam. I love Beethoven and this was so enjoyable to hear during these difficult times.

    I played the flute and piccolo years ago and still have the flute. I love the violin and always wanted to learn it, but never had the opportunity.

    Thank you again for this lovely video, and I thank the person who sent this to me.

  • Lorraine says:

    Oh, so beautiful. Thanks to all of you!!!

  • C. Snyder says:

    Soul-soothing. Extraordinary accomplishment
    by these musicians playing in separate venues.

  • mark pge says:

    Thank you

  • Nancy Cummings says:

    Wow just wow

  • Sandy says:

    Beautiful, touches my heart

  • Anne Oltmanns says:

    Thank you! From Philadelphia, PA

  • Lisa says:

    And may you stay well! This is strong medicine for the soul!

  • Eve Fischer says:


  • MARTY says:

    Kind of gimmicky -e.g. – where are the voices? ODE TO JOY!

  • Aaron Mathews says:

    Do you know what system/technology was used?

  • Carla says:

    Got this in the wilds of Idaho, USA from my friend David since he knows my favorite Ludwig is his 9th. This is a wonderful distraction from this time of confinement. So, tak, Danke, merci, and thank you for smiles on a rainy day!!!

  • Sandra Wilson says:


  • Lucy says:

    I am so moved by this. Thank you.

  • Debbie Piacsek says:

    This is outstanding! What a fantastic production!

  • Marcia Allen says:

    Fantastic, this put smiles on our faces

  • Sarah Jost says:

    Thanks you! thank you! I wept, I am so moved! there is absolutely nothing so beautiful as music to touch one’s soul and you ALL are astounding, thank you! from the bottom of my heart, I sent to everyone I have an email for. I am in AWE. Merci beucoup, gracias, thank you!

  • Gail Swanson says:


  • Judith J Turk says:

    This gave me chills- so beautiful!

  • William Downs says:

    Love triumphs over fear everyday of this world! ❤️

  • tamar gale says:

    wonderful !! thank you!!

  • Robert McNaughton says:

    Outstanding! Creativity reigns! Loved it. Had tears.

  • Mahrukh says:

    I write from Mumbai, India, to thank you for this. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time – the idea and the music. Thank you, Rotterdam Orchestra

  • Kathy Coxwell says:

    Wonderful! What a marvelous way to lift the world’s spirits when we are so separated! And what a grand piece to play: Ode to Joy! Thank you, thank you!

  • Edie Greenstein says:

    Touched me to the core. My husband, Ed, a musician, whose life was cut short and with
    whom I surrounded myself with music during our time together, has revisited by heart
    stronger than ever. Thank you, Rotterdam Philharmonic!

    Edie Greenstein

  • Becky Mathey says:

    Fantastic! Who would have thought this was possible?

  • Cathryn says:

    Brought me to tears Brilliant
    lifted my soul

  • Helen Butler says:

    Spine tingling, goose-bumpily beautiful. Thank You so very much.. Much love, health, happiness and kindness your way. xx

  • Ricardo Abad says:

    Inspiring! Thank you for doing this.

  • Mary Goebel says:

    Brilliant, wonderful!!
    And so uplifting especially in today’s world! Thank you

  • Brian Lee says:

    As a likely-soon-to-be-laid-off musician in the US, it gives me hope that seeing other orchestras doing things such as this, we will be able to survive this pandemic, not only as human beings but as professional musicians as well. Bravo to the Rotterdam Phil…your inspiration inspires me!

  • Oscar R Murillo says:

    I know what these musicians are going through. My organization has stopped rehearsals and has left a big hole in my life. Hang in there guys and thanks for the efforts.

  • Maria says:

    so heartwarming, thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Ed from Walnut Creek, CA, USA says:

    Actions sing louder than words.

  • Sharon klugman says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Ossie says:


  • Mehroo Jeejeebhoy says:

    Don’t stop – play some more

  • beth in asheville, nc, usa says:

    crisis can inspire great beauty…. bravo!!!

  • Thank you so very, very much!! You have fulfilled your intentions to the peak! Have forwarded to everyone I know they would enjoy it like me.

  • Barbara Posner says:

    This was the best thing that’s happened in weeks. So hopeful and joyous. I listen several times a day!

  • Rosa Silva says:

    It is so wonderful and amazing how this happen.

  • Shoshana Lew says:


  • says:

    Beautiful use of technology and music to warm us.

  • Victoria says:


  • Jean Hayward says:

    Thank you. You have added beauty for this day and time.

  • Toni goldrich says:

    Thank you so much for this. So uplifting and joyful. Absolutely what I needed to see. And major kudos to whoever edited this. They should win an award

  • Pat says:

    Absolutely fantastic.

  • pat says:

    Wonderful, joyful, uplifting — my heart thanks you.

  • Roz Thurm says:

    Extraordinary. The comforting power of music

  • Kate says:


  • nancy sullivan murray says:

    wonderful wonderful wonderful
    for all of us confined to our homes and apartments.
    There is Hope, as this announces so clearly

  • Jean says:

    Love love love it. Many thanks from America

  • Susan koso says:

    Most encouraging act so far…the challenge can be met

  • Deirdre McCloskey says:

    It makes wwe weep with joy for my Rotterdam (where I lived in 1996) and for Beethoven and for such skill

  • Christine Lynch says:

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    I applaud the orchestra. Fabulous job. I wish the folks making the video had left it to just them.

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  • Karene Watson says:

    As a retired violist this brought a smile to my face in this time of unrest. Karene Watson

  • Karene Watson says:

    As a retired violist, this brought a smile to my face in these days of unrest. Karene

  • Karene Watson says:

    As a retired violist this brought a smile to my face in this time of unrest. Karene

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