Antonio Pappano says: Guess this tune

A message from the music director of the Royal Opera House, with a riddle attached:


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  • I am sure it is from the Puccini opera La Fanciulla Del West which I was hoping to see in Stockholm this year. That last theme is unmistakably borrowed by Julian Lloyd Webber in I think the Phantom of the Opera. I love Puccini, and I am sure that Lloyd Webber comes from a distinguished musical family, but his music is unbearable to me.

    • So happy to read that another musical person instantly recognized this most beautiful melody from Puccini’s most beautifully orchestrated, but under-appreciated opera. Also pleased that you noticed the striking similarity between Puccini’s melody, and Webber’s “The Music of the Night”.

  • == Andrew Llloyd Webber

    The UK magazine Private Eye had an amusing series several years ago comparing ALW tunes with originals blatantly ripped off . eg

    ‘I don’t know how to love him’ vs
    Slow mov of Mendelssohn Violin Cto

  • It’s the love theme from “La Fanciulla del West.” It starts out as the waltz between Minnie and Dick Johnson in Act I and reappears various times, for me most movingly in Act III after Minnie has won the miners over and saved Johnson/Ramerrez from hanging.

  • A wonderful pianist , conductor and musician and also a very nice guy. He is Italian and deeply understands Puccini and the nostalgia of La Fanciulla del West. Bravo Pappano!

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