Anne-Sophie Mutter now plays in a mask

The is the stricken virtuoso’s distanced performance of part of Beethoven’s Harp Quartet with London Philharmonic principals last night.

Ms Mutter has tested positive for Cornavirus.

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  • How’s she going to sanitize her violin and bow without damaging the wood? The virus survives on wood for 4 days. Especially if, apparently, one can become re-infected.

    • I don’t think she rents out her violin? Why should she disinfect it?
      If you know about reinfection, you should contact the WHO since you know more than all specialists on the planet.

    • Dear Anne-Sophie: sam has a valid point.
      Perhaps it might be time for you to take a sabbatical until you are virus free?
      Please be safe and aware. You are a priceless treasure.
      Thinking only of your well-being, Greg

      • Just curious – why am I getting downvotes here?
        The issue of re-infection is a real one….
        Did I spell something wrong or something?

        • Er…once you have had COVID-19 you can not get re-infected. Your body now recognizes it and can fight it off. This is the idea behind a vaccine: teach your body to recognize and fight the infection with a safe dose or substitute.

          How long this immunity lasts differs between illnesses. With measles and chickenpox immunity lasts a lifetime. With the flu immunity lasts only 2 or 3 years. Obviously it is too early to tell how long the immunity from COVID-19 will last, once someone has had it, but it will be at least several years (and given its low rate of mutation, likely far longer than flu).

  • Check your screenshot of Mutter. Might have privacy issues there. I’d recommend cropping out things that aren’t relevant…best wishes!

  • She doesn’t need to in her own house; if another is there she can keep it in one room. If she needed to, I don’t think a light Lysol spray would damage it.

    Better question – how is she doing? She’s a treasure.

  • Sanitize it with ultraviolet light in a container with a temperature of around 28″C. This kind of virus is less saltine in an environment of moderately high temperature.

  • There are ways to treat the wood for infection. Remember that wood is encased in some kind of wax or something like it.

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