An entire orchestra is quarantined

An entire orchestra is quarantined


norman lebrecht

March 15, 2020

The 53 musicians of Sinfonia Lahti in Finland were placed under quarantine on Friday after one of their number tested positive for Coronavirus.

Take care out there.


  • Kev says:

    Meanwhile in the UK, lowly orchestral musicians aren’t tested for Coronavirus (as with most other working people) and have to play on. Even as our colleagues begin to fall ill. No care from management/government.

    • Gandalf says:

      Our administrative staff are mostly working from home, but the performing staff are currently expected to tour the country spreading god knows what. This is in England, in case you had any doubts.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Huh? Given there are only a limited number of testing kits and testers, why should musicians (rather than, say, medical staff) be given priority? The kits are for those very seriously ill, and those likely to come into contact with vulnerable people (medical staff, care workers, etc).

  • Ludwig says:

    As noble as an orchestra’s intentions are, news like this is bound to happen more and more. The streaming of private concerts poses an unnecessary risk.

  • KOELNMUSIK says:

    My Father Fritz was schooled at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, PA, PRINCIPAL BASS OF MANY ORCHESTRAS, GOT THE HONG KONG FLU PANDEMIC OF 1968, DIED, AGE 46. Forever loved by colleagues, and this hits too close to home for me. I was a little girl then..