All over Germany at 6pm, people played Beethoven 9th

While the Chancellor went into quarantine, others came out onto their balconies.

Lisa Rogers, Düsseldorf:

Kai Adomeit, Ludwigshafen:

Jennifer Arnold, Berlin:

Han Xiaoming, Berlin:

Izzo Hristov on electric guitar

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    • I really am beginning to feel like Spike Milligan…”the bloody awful Warsaw Concerto”.
      If I understand correctly, 2020 is a significant Beethoven annivesary. How about a “Fidelio” overture ? The “Egmont” overture ? Something from the 6th or 7th symphonies? The list is endless, which makes the fixation on An die Freude all the more unimaginative.
      So, in 50 years time, An die Freude will be remembered as…the Coronavirus anthem.
      I am awaiting a significant wireless announcement from Germany, followed by a Bruckner symphony, and possibly a chunk of Wagner.

    • Don’t let the fact that the EU has, when it comes to health policies, virtually NO significant powers stand in the way of your EU hating and bashing. Health policies are almost exclusively within the rights of the member states, NOT within the power of the Commission.

      Let me go out on a limb here. *If* the Commission had acted decisively, would you by any chance have whined about yet another Brussels power grab?

      Last question: what’s the connection between a purely political comment and a classical music site?

    • Er…the EU Commission has no role, since this is something for national governments. But the countries are helping each other, Italy is sending patients to Germany, France is sending patients to Germany and other countries. Being in the EU gives them confidence and trust in each other.

      Macron even ordered Boris to take the threat seriously and start the separation of people. Which people in Britain will soon be grateful for.

  • This can’t be the end of the World.

    As long as people can drive by car with oil from Saudi Arabia to the next supermarket and there is sufficient water and electricity, this is not a real “Notstand”.

    So play up musicians and be patient!

  • Strange that so many musicians seem to have a problem with social isolation (loneliness).

    Most of the compositions they play were written in isolation. And many works reflect individual feelings and perspectives.

    So what’s the fuss?

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