A map of Europe without music

Mike Gibb, founder of Operabase, has constructed a map of the continent with details of opera and theatre closures.

You can access the full scale here.


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    • Well, Simon, let me think… Perhaps because over 1400 people have died in Italy? really sorry you have to forego your cappuccino, I am sure here in Italy we got our priorities wrong…

    • How does it feel to drink a cappuccino when next to you people are dying? You should go back to your country where your darwinistic wise fuehrer is going to implement a huge experiment which will result in thousands of deaths! I guess you are young and feel safe. But maybe this will change if your wonderful health system will eventually collapse.

    • Rather why is mankind not taking similar immediate action when it comes to climate change or the biodiversity crisis?

      I am not saying these corona precautions are unacceptable.

      But things are getting out of proportion!

    • What governments are worried about is not the number of deaths, bad as they might be, but that health services could be totally swamped. Italy has one of the best equipped health services in the world and are barely coping.

    • Will that keep them safe from Covid-19? I thought the climate emergency was going to kill us all; turns out the old-fashioned pandemic is more than capable of that – which any person with just a quarter of a human brain already knew.

      I’ll quote Basil Fawlty: “Have you ever heard of the Bubonic Plague”?

  • Portugal doesn’t count?
    We are also in a lockout situation with all the main theatres closed and concerts postponed or even cancelled.
    Does any of you acknowledge our existence and the problems we TOO are facing?

  • And Spain? It is not Europe? It has been published everywhere that it is closed for all kind if concert or theatrical show

  • Is it still the BBC’s fault for not reporting cultural closures?

    Who are these people with No Information?

    And what does the UK cultural sector think it is playing at?

    FCS, the PUBS in Ireland have been ordered to shut for the rest of the month.

  • Who comes up with these dates? March 31st, April 1st.
    Anyone who believes this will be over in two weeks is delusional .

    • Generally these will be the result of a government saying we need extraordinary powers for a period of ‘x’ days/weeks
      (or ‘until Easter’). Renewable.

      There would naturally be a mass of resistence to any government asking for emergency powers without any end date

    • No, it means that there will be a review every few weeks. Around the end of March, it will be “closed to the 15th April” etc. Nothing will reopen before late May/June at the earliest.

  • The map only covered the national responses so, for instance, Spain: though the regions most affected (Madrid and near the France-Spain border) might have been cancelling, there was no national response until tonight’s lockdown at midnight.
    There wll be a much fuller, more detailed page with updated map and many more details going up in a few hours ..

  • It’s not true info. We are performing here in Munich opera – tomorrow is our first live stream. Also we are having rehearsals and another stream of Schwanensee on 21st.
    After we’ll be having rehearsals for “Maria Callas” and so on.

    So we are not working as before but we do work and perform (without a public).

  • With events moving so rapidly, this is the sort of map that’s out of date the moment it’s published.

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