A Fischer settles his future

The Hungarian condcutor Adam Fischer signed on today for five more years with the  Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra, taking him to 2025, when he will be 76.

Fischer said: ‘I am very happy that I will continue my artistic work in Düsseldorf in 2025 over the next few years. I have met wonderful musicians in the orchestra who can really inspire me. And also an audience whose enthusiasm spurs us on stage and sweeps us away. I hope that I will be able to play music with the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra for a long time to come.’


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  • This is great news within an ocean of surrounding bad news. I like his somewhat ‘lighter’, yet more ‘rustic’ sounding (than usual) Mahler from Dusseldorf. I haven’t heard his Copenhagen based Beethoven yet (Danish Chamber Orhestra), but have read good things about it. I very much like what he’s done for Haydn over the decades.

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