William Christie leads outcry for sacked ballet boss

Yorgos Loukos was sacked by the Opéra de Lyon last week as head of its ballet company for punitive discrimination against a pregnant ballerina. The decision was widely applauded.

Now the conductor William Christie and others have signed a newspaper advertisement calling for his reinstatement.

Thise who have signed so far include Robert Wilson, Mats Ek, Ariane Mnouchkine, Jiří Kylián, Sylvie Guillem, Isabelle Huppert and Benjamin Millepied.

Solidarity with a sacked pal is all very well, but can’t they see he was wrong to fire a woman once she was pregnant?

UPDATE: Millipied and Forsyth now deny signing the petition.

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  • Christie never faced a similar situation with his family, a pregnant wife, so can’t relate or understand why it’s such a big deal.

    • Christie is a person of stature and integrity. That he signed the letter suggests that there may be something going here besides victim-mom-meanie-director.

      (and anon’s comment is patently homophobic)

  • Let’s say the situation is pretty incomprehensible, when Loukos might have committed 1 mistake over his 33 year career with the Lyon Opera Ballet, whereas the General Director, Serge Dorny, in spite of numerous grievances from inside and outside, is still “in power”… Who talks of Justice, here ?

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