Sudden death of Maestro’s wife

The Madison Symphony Orchestra is in mourning for Barbara DeMain, wife of music director John De Main, who was taken ill Wednesday night and died in hospital the following morning.

The inseparable couple married in 1991 and had a daughter, Jenny DeMain.

John DeMain was formerly music director of Houston Grand Opera, which is where they met.

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  • Since when has someone ancillary to a very small orchestra that doesn’t perform very well and has never recorded anyhing or broadcast much of anything deserve such publicity? DeMain was let go by Houston years and years ago.

    • Seeing as they have never recorded anything or broadcast much of anything, you probably haven’t even heard them perform, certainly not for long enough to pass judgement on them. They may not be full-time but they are a professional orchestra, with many musicians who teach at the University of Wisconsin.

    • What a vile comment!
      Also you seem to dismiss an orchestra without having heard them. You mention that they never record anything, which is neither here nor there, many regional US orchestras don’t record.
      I can’t imagine what sort of person would post something like this when hearing that somebody has died, but I guess it fits the times we live in…

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