Stray cat is star of symphony concert

The best bit is when the impurrtinent puss tries to get rid of the conductor.

This happened in Istanbul last weekend.

The band is the CRR Symphony Orchestra.

Longer version:

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  • I do believe our genial host has found the secret formula for yet-more clicks on Slipped Disc. Cat videos will do it every time.

  • Having spent the last 45 years in the company of at least one cat, I had to forward this to some friends. Here are the replies:

    “That was really cute!!” – My friend Dee in San Diego

    “Thanks for this amazing Video!!” – Dr. Regina Tilzer, the world’s best veterinarian

    “What a cutie!! I love how unimpressed she is by everything. ‘What y’all looking at? I’m the star! Not whatever they’re doing behind me.’ And that no one seems to know what to do or how to pick a cat up! Hilarious. She has them in the palm of her paws.” – Franziska Löffler, head of the cat division at Vienna’s TierQuarTier

    “I don’t see what’s so funny.” – Sam (four-year-old tiger-striped feline companion)

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