Scoop: Barrie Kosky to direct 2023 London Ring

We heard it from Sir Antonio Pappano, in a Spectator interview that comes out today.

Pappano, who is meant to be leaving Covent Garden that year, will stay on at least long enough to work with the self-styled ‘gay Jewish kangaroo’ Kosky, whom he calls ‘a good egg’.

More later.


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  • We once endured a Kosky Walküre in which Sieglinde served Siegmund and her husband Chinese take-away (in little white boxes) around an ash tree of green slime. Well done, ROH!

  • I don’t know why this Australian embarrassment ever got a gig in the first place. He’s totally uncouth. But, there’s no accounting for taste….

  • Another production that will be all director and no composer. How about no lights and we sit in the dark? That should sell tickets.

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