Opera singer is arrested after crashing into Trump resort

It’s reported that a woman was arrested after she crashed a car through security outside Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

The woman has been named as Hannah Roemhild and described as an opera soprano.

Roemhild, 30, from Middletown, Connecticut, had previously posted disobliging comments on social media about Donald Trump.

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  • Yet another Terrorist acts out.

    She’s registered D in Connecticut and posted anti-Trump rants plus supports Sanders when you get the facts.

    The Left in the USA needs to grow up and call out mental cases like this. It is costing your group’s credibility with every insult, every assault, every riot..

    Violence and negativity haven’t worked there either. Not with educated, decent citizens.

    Unless that Hillary or Pelosi and their DNC klan come out and state this behavior is is both morally and criminally abhorrent to their cause they will remain COMPLICIT reprobates!

    You’re driving voters directly over to President Trump.

    Use your small minds or pack up and push off where you can act out freely like Saudi Arabia, Canada, China, Russia, South America. What’s holding you back besides your lack of money and education? Be immigrants there dears.

    • *The Left in the USA needs to grow up and call out mental cases like this. It is costing your group’s credibility with every insult, every assault, every riot..*

      I hardly know where to start with this. If the lady is indeed a “mental case,” surely she deserves sympath and treatment, not disapprobation. Atr you suggesting that the oiks you associate with add sneering at the mentally disturbed to their already comprehensive list of prejudices?

      As for the next sentence: it unfortunately has not cost YOUR group’s credibility to behave like bigoted, ignorant boors, racists, xenophobes and reckless brinksmen.

      *Use your small minds or pack up and push off where you can act out freely like Saudi Arabia, Canada, China, Russia, South America.*

      Not sure how freely you can “act out” in Saudi Arabia, China or Russia, but what are Canada and South America doing in this sentiment? Canada is probably the freest society on earth and in addition to its many benefits offers its citizens freedom from insane gun death every day and also offers universal health care, like all other civilised countries in the developed world but yours.

      Most Trump supporters are neither educated nor decent. Decent people do not separate children from their parents in detention centres — not in 80 years. And what do Ms. Clinton and Ms. Pelosi have to do with a Florida traffic offence? That an example of educated thinking?

      Buzz off and grow up yourself.

    • Yeah, Canada and Saudi Arabia are exactly the same. Esp. for women. What did you say about lack of education? Seems to apply primarily to you…

      Having said that, it is never a good idea to try to infiltrate the immediate environment of a US President. And I am sure that you abhorred and condemned the several attempts of (presumably) deranged intruders to get close to President Obama juuuust as much as you did this one.

  • It gives you an idea of the ire the Occupant provokes that someone who probably has no criminal record has put herself in this position.

  • Other news coverage mentions that she was being pursued by law enforcement that said she was obviously impaired and found dancing on a jeep.

  • It’s amazing how this quickly becomes a Trump thing-aided by Lebrecht’s headline. Actually it is a sad mental illness problem, and since I’m living not too far from where it happened (no not in Palm Beach) I heard the local news reporting, and apparently she didn’t really know it was Mar-a Lago. Since this blog supports classical music you should be more concerned with the association, and it’s been made with strange behavior and people who “listen to that silly, screechy music, a kind of what do you expect from people who listen to that stuff.

    We all get that people prefer other politicians (you mean like the recent election in GB-your PM has funny hair)-I just question the maturity of people who still talk about orange hair etc. and you should be careful about talking about driving into the WH online.

    • Just a detail–we’re not referring to his orange hair, but rather his orange skin, which comes from orange concealer. It was revealed by several undocumented immigrants who used to work at his golf club in New Jersey that the face makeup he uses is by the Swiss brand, Bronx Colors. The shade is so potent it would regularly stain his golf shirts.

      Devolving to his level of ridicule and name calling might seem immature or silly, but it’s a way of laughing at the situation. We have such a destructive and terrible president. Sometimes it’s healthier to laugh than to cry or explode in rage, like this poor young woman did.

      • If you read what I wrote you’ll understand that the poor woman didn’t know what she was doing. Sorry, it doesn’t fit in with your fantasy.

        Yes, it doesn’t seem- it is immature and silly to talk about people’s skin and hair or laugh at appearances–got it?

        If you want to get into politics-why here? the nature of it is that people perceive things very differently-you are entitled to yours. If we all recognize that we’d stop demonizing the other.

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