Netrebko to sing with Barenboim’s wife

The night before she collects the Polar Prize, Anna Netrebko has smartly set up her Stockholm recital debut.

It’s at the Konserthuset on June 8, with Elena Bashkirova at the piano.

Tickets go on sale this weekend.


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  • From the headline I thought perhaps the performer in question had no name of their own and only Mr Barenboim’s “ownership” to recommend her.

    • You are right. She has name only because of her father, a noted pianist and pedagogue Dmitry Bashkirov. If not for that name, Elena would have been totally unknown.

  • How much ignorance should we have to endure from commentators making cheap derogatory quips? Elena Bashkirova is a highly respected pianist and musician in her own right, in spite of having a famous father and a famous husband. Not only is she giving recitals and performing with orchestras all over the world in addition to chamber music but she founded and organised the uniquely wonderful annual Jerusalem Chamber music Festival, many decades ago. This is now a much anticipated musical highlight in Israel, always sold out, and presenting the greatest colleagues from all over the world. Chapeau to Elena, a great example of a great artist, creative organiser, wife and mother!

  • Elena Bashkirova unfortunately withdrew just as the concert was being announced, replaced au pied levé by Pavel Nebolsin. Elena will be missed as she is a truly fine and talented pianist and a wonderful personality. We are grateful to Pavel to have agreed to collaborate with Anna on this performance.

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