Maestro renews luxury deal

Maestro renews luxury deal


norman lebrecht

February 14, 2020

The Spanish conductor Gustavo Gimeno has renewed to 2025 with the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Gimeno, 44, recently signed on as chief with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, giving him major North American exposure.

What has little banking Luxembourg done to keep him?

The clue’s in the lux.


  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    He is actually quite good. In the next 10 years he may become a major contender for top positions.

    • Pedro says:

      I have heard him and his orchestra only once live. The orchestra isn’t good and he didn’t seem better. I will have another chance to confirm this – or not – on October 11 when he will conduct the Concertgebouw in all Beethoven piano concertos with Zimerman.

  • In Luxembourg there’s a fantastic concert hall from the outside. i don’t know if it’s good inside

  • WillymH says:

    Norman, Norman, Norman, you tease us with a headline about a “Luxury Deal” and then tell us nothing about it. Come on now you must know more!

  • Costa Pilavachi says:

    I think he made the right call. The orchestra is young, ambitious and going places, the Intendant, Stefan Gehmacher is one of the best and everyone enjoys performing in the hall. Gustavo is a big talent and with this renewal he shows loyalty, commitment and serious purpose. Meanwhile, he will give Toronto a good run and expand his career overseas. Good luck to this very positive and forward looking conductor.

    • Jay says:

      He will use Toronto as as stepping stone.It is quite sad that Canada seemingly cannot find a talented
      home grown conductor good enough to lead the Toronto symphony.Always the bridesmaid never the

  • FrauGeigerin says:

    I have suffered him in two occasions. He is not a conductor (impossible to understand what he wants, poor verbal communication skills, poor technique, zero understanding of strings technique…), he is there – in my experience and opinion – not to serve the music but to serve his massive ego. I cannot understand what Toronto and Luxembourg have seen in him. From our side the note was that he should not be re-engaged (and so did the choirs), but now with ourn ew conductor who knows!

    All these guest engagements work in two ways: the agencies put so much pressure or offer a “package” that includes other artists from their rooster the powers of the orchestra cannot say no, or the music director wants to guest conduct an orchestra and the conductors of both orchestras exchange gigs. I am 100% sure our new MD wants to guest conduct in Montreal so it may be possible we get him back. You can believe me when I say that if the artistic managers of my orchestra listened to the musicians, easily 50% of the guest conductors we get over a season would never come back… and that includes Gimeno.

    • Marcello says:

      In which orchestra did you play with him? There is a good chance he doesn’t want to suffer you either.

    • Doctoratomic says:

      I agree that he is not a great conductor. He has a condition that is very common in conductors between 30 and 50: ‘Abbaditis’ (the compulsion to -unsuccessfully- imitate Claudio Abbado). I also can see very clearly that, even though he claims to have received some conducting training at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, he seems to lack some important foundations. Playing percussion with the Concertgebouw and being protege of Abbado and Jansons is enough to have a career, but does not compensate for lack of serious training.

      On the other hand it is positive that when he started his professional career in 2013 he was already 37. At least for once it was not a mid-20s musician!

    • Talking the Talk says:

      Can’t put enough ‘thumbs up’ under your comment. It’s so absolutely true! It amazes me that todays long suffering orchestral musicians don’t find ways to change this musically destructive, uncreative and unprofessional situation, saving themselves and audiences from all the vapid performances happening day in and day out. It begs the question if not them, then who?