Luisi leads tribute to Zurich’s great Maestro

On March 28, Zurich Opera is putting on a memorial concert to its much-loved maestro Nello Santi, we hear exclusively from Zurich critic Christian Berzins.

The performance of Verdi’s Requiem will be directed by Fabio Luisi.




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  • I did not know much about Nello Santi before his death, except as the conductor of some Italian opera recordings. It was quite a surprise that he was once a music director of one of Europe’s best opera houses. Then I have a history of discovering important people only on the occasion of their deaths. That includes Elvis Presley & John Lennon ( neither of them by the way my cup of tea, unless of course I have too much alcohol on board, which is conducive to universal brother/sisterhood no matter one tastes and convictions).

  • The conductors who work at the Metropolitan Opera today are dilettantes in comparison to Santi. He lived and breathed Italian opera.

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