London’s hall crisis just got a whole lot worse

Overnight we learn that Neil Chandler, managing and artistic director, has left Fairfield Hall in Croydon after disastrous box-office results.

Chandler, a former cruise ship entertainments manager, left the premises and will not be allowed back in. He has another job lined up, starting in April. No replacement has been identified.

A week ago London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan named Croydon ‘Borough of Culture’ in 2023.

He’ll have to look very hard to find some.

Good local reporting here.


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  • I can’t hear ‘Fairfield Halls, Croydon’ without thinking of André Previns Music Night, my introduction to classical music.

  • I can confirm from personal experience that they don’t know how to do business when it comes to hiring premises. I didn’t get a sense that they were organised or had a sense of direction when it came to scheduling concerts either but that’s another story… Disappointing but not entirely surprising.

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