London’s £4,000 piano lesson

The Times reports this morning:

A tycoon with links to the royal family charged a troubled public company expenses of almost £3 million in 16 months for entertainment, travel and celebrity meetings…

There were meetings with actors including Julia Roberts and royals including Prince Harry and the duchess. There were experiences such as a £4,000 piano lesson from a star musician and a £4,050 private tour of Ground Zero, New York….

The teacher is sadly not named.


Slipped Disc is seeking a new piano professor. Ours is not nearly classy enough.

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  • Thanks for this datum (although the length of the lesson is not specified). I will keep it in mind when I next review my teaching rates; evidently, I am not charging enough (even after accounting for the apparent ‘superstar’ status of the anonymous teacher, and my lack of said status).

  • These almost sound like those sort of items they auction off at big ticket charity auctions – the sort I could only read about never afford to attend. What’s a “public” company – one for paid for by the public or publicly traded? Enquiring minds want to know.

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