Israel Phil admits fault over Andras Schiff recital

Israel Phil admits fault over Andras Schiff recital


norman lebrecht

February 24, 2020

The pianist was supposed to be playing Beethoven sonatas 24 to 28 in Tel Aviv, in a recital organised by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Without any announcement of a change of programme, he came on and played sonata 12, followed by 24 and 26, according to audience members.

The second half opened with the Waldstein sonata, followed by opus 109 and two Bach encores.

The Philharmonic management told Haaretz: This was a mistake on our part, arising from a misunderstanding. It’s won’t happen again.


  • Martinu says:

    No. 25 was not played. After intermission it was Waldstein. No. 30 and Bach were the encores.
    People were puzzled and confused by the discrepancy between the program and what was actually played. Schiff should have announced what he played, at least.
    The recital was fantastic.

    • Bruce says:

      It’s possible that nobody showed him the program book or asked him what he was planning to play, and he assumed that everything was in order.

      • Saxon Broken says:

        Really? That would be a bit sloppy. I would have thought that the venue and he would confirm the programme on the day before the concert.

  • Beinisch says:

    One encore, the second and third movements of Bach Italian concerto

    • Charles Clark-Maxwell says:

      Mr S was probably fuming at what happened as he does easily seem to take offence, given a couple of other stories posted on SD.

    • Martinu says:

      Usually he does not leave between pieces. This time he left after Waldstein, which I suppose he considered as second half, and gave Op. 109 as first encore. This is how I see it.

      • nimitta says:

        “Usually he does no leave between pieces.”

        I’m puzzled by your comment, Martinu – I’ve heard Schiff more than a dozen times, and have seen him do so quite often.

  • Ted says:

    Never mind.It was a great playing of a great muisician. I wish I could attend more puzzling but great recitals like that.

  • DAVID says:

    I will try to attend when he comes to Chicago. A couple of years ago he played a recital including Op. 111. It was by far the most sublime concert I have ever attended. I doubt it can ever be surpassed.

  • RW2013 says:

    Referring to Beethoven sonatas by number is very odd.
    In future please use opus numbers or the spurious nicknames.

  • sorin braun says:

    who cares ? on stage he’s a dull pianist whatever he plays – octagenarians and septuagenarians, most of them mafia lawyers, consist the great majority in the ipo tel aviv hall and they mostly come to show their wives’ jewellery and show their new fancy cars.Music is not the important part here.