How to make a sustainable opera

England’s Opera North announced its new season today.

Among the fine offerings is a new Alcina directed by Tim Albery which will also be our first sustainable production, using only recycled, re-used and second hand materials in its set, props and costumes.

Isn’t that what car delaers call ‘pre-loved’?

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  • Ironically, most of the operas being performed everywhere consist of sustainable, recycled, reused music. And some of them use secondhand music.

  • Reardless of the recycling, a fantastic 20/21 programme just announced for Opera North. Omething for everyone, and particularly for those for whom any opera is the first time. Will be bringing folk to Traviata for sure – as I once did woth 38 to ENO’s Traviata. Ooera North is a wonderful company in Leeds, only £103 to see all the productions from the balcony, where I sit and hear everything too. Pay more if you want.

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