Hong Kong Arts Festival is wiped out by virus

Hong Kong Arts Festival is wiped out by virus


norman lebrecht

February 10, 2020

Message from HKAF:

We regret to inform our friends and supporters that the February and March performances and events of the 48th Hong Kong Arts Festival have been cancelled as a result of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the resultant closures of venues across the city, and concerns for the health and safety of our participating artists and audiences. The HKAF team is deeply saddened by these unprecedented circumstances, and our thoughts are with all those affected by the virus.

The cancellations will affect all performances of the 48th HKAF and its related events in February and March, including Young Friends activities, HKartsFestival@TaiKwun programming and most PLUS events (excluding PLUS films). The “No Limits” project will also not be held as scheduled. Ticket refund and donation details are available at https://go.hkaf.org/rfa.

We thank all of our supporters for their enthusiasm for the performing arts. We are working hard to reschedule a portion of the performances to be presented at a later date and look forward to bringing Hong Kong more great performances in the future. Everyone please take care during these difficult times.


是次節目取消包括第48屆香港藝術節於二、三月期間的所有演出及活動,連同「青少年之友」計劃活動、「香港藝術節@大館」及「加料節目」(「加料電影」放映會除外)。「無限亮」計劃亦不會如期舉行。有關退票安排及捐款詳情,請參閱 https://go.hkaf.org/rfa




  • Emily says:

    A friend of mine from Hong Kong told me the government has denied citizens access to face masks while introducing the infected into the city. One has to wonder if this is a retaliation for the protests that have been going on.

    • Fan says:

      That’s crazy talk. Your friend shall be ashamed of spreading rumors, and you shall be ashamed of believing them.

      • anon says:

        I live in Hong Kong. Most of us in Hong Kong know our government is screwing us.

        Didn’t the 8 Wuhan doctors who warned people of the virus accused of spreading rumours?

        • Emily says:

          Yes, the first doctor was accused of making a rumor (I am sure that was their way of controlling mass panic), but he succumbed to the virus himself less than a week ago.

    • Shirley says:

      The government naturally denies this, but the phenomenon is overwhelmingly ubiquitous. The government leaves citizens in desperate forage for masks while introducing the infected into the city, sending HongKong-made masks to the Mainland, keeping masks for their own, demand the medics to use masks meagerly, providing abundant supply to police officers lavishly. The Arts Festival has made the right move by cancelling all events, so as to safeguard the general public health.