Dallas MD swaps NY agent for English spires

Dallas MD swaps NY agent for English spires


norman lebrecht

February 17, 2020

Emmanuel Villaume, music director of Dallas Opera, has jumped from New York agent Opus3 to quiet Hazard Chase, which is based in Cambridge, England.


  • AngloGerman says:

    Awful conductor. He was atrocious in Boheme at ROH recently.

    • Lucien says:

      The Guardian review:
      Royal Opera House, London
      Conductor Emmanuel Villaume brings drive and intensity to Richard Jones’s detailed but inconsistent production of Puccini’s brilliantly written opera
      But La Bohème is also a conductor’s opera, as Toscanini, who conducted the 1896 premiere, proved for the ages in an electrifying 50th-anniversary recording. In the pit, Emmanuel Villaume is in many ways THE STAR OF THIS REVIVAL. He brings the drive and intensity that the opera requires while paying full attention to the care and originality of Puccini’s scoring

      • AngloGerman says:

        Shame barely a single bar in the first two acts was together in the orchestra, with poor balance to the stage too and tempi that didn’t suit the natural phrasing of the singers.

        • Lucien says:

          You must be confused with the conductor who took over after him for the last performances!

          Here are more reviews of Villaume conducting:
          Financial Times.
          All benefit from Emmanuel Villaume’s creditable conducting, well paced and with a care for balancing the orchestra that gives it distinction.

          London Times
          The conductor, at least for three quarters of this run, is the Frenchman Emmanuel Villaume, who keeps a very tidy ensemble and whips up some intense playing, particularly from the strings.

          Daily Mail
          In the pit lurks the best part of the show, the French conductor Emmanuel Villaume, who was alert to all of Puccini’s many demands.

          Sunday Times
          The evening (…) is high on ensemble values, with a youthful team who all look their parts and give of their best for the experienced and singer-friendly conductor Emmanuel Villaume, making a welcome return to the house. He gets wonderfully detailed playing from the orchestra.

          Daily News
          Emmanuel Villaume conducts with a sure touch, the orchestra shows no hint of routine and the underemployed choristers, whether adults or the youngsters of the Tiffin Boys’ Choir and Tiffin Children’s Chorus, sing out with a will.

    • William says:

      LOL. This looks like one of those comments from Norman to create more traction on his site. It is Villaume’s 6th production at ROH and the orchestra adores him. rave reviews for him.

    • William says:

      the Boheme he just conducted at ROH was one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Crisp, beautifully paced and deeply moving

  • IntBaritone says:

    This will likely not hurt him much. From personal experience, Emmanuel is a very good conductor, not a world class great, but very good. He will not have any problem finding work, and perhaps they’ve given him a cut on his commission or offer some other sort of service that Opus3 does not.

    • Lucien says:

      Villaume is also the beloved MD of the Prague Philharmonia. He has been there 5 years. Beside Dallas, he is at the MET every season. Maybe he wants to work more in Europe (in the age of Trump)…

  • Calvin says:

    Suggests that the may have had enough of Russia’s evil trumpire.

  • Kurt says:

    Opus 3 is a sinking ship, just like the other major American companies (IMG and CAMI). He is smart to seek out European management before they inevitably shutter their doors.