Conductor says, Sorry I’m late. It’s the cat’s fault

The Spaniard Diego Martin-Etxebarria apologised for late arrival at his main job in Krefeld after a guest conducting engagement in Madrid.

Diego, who is Kapellmeister of the Niederrheinischen Sinfoniker, said he never travels anywhere without Charlotte, his cat, and he couldn’t get a seat for her on his flight so he had to take a later one.

It says so here.



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    • I commend your work ethic but personally, I don’t understand what all this fuss is about or how you can effectively draw accurate conclusions about this person’s responsibility (did you and the other few commenters not read the article?).
      This story is nothing more than “humorous filler” in the ‘local happenings in Krefeld’ section of the Rheinische Post.
      In brief, the cat was to go into the part of the cargo hold where animals are transported, as no animals are allowed in the cabin. The hold was full with other animals when Martin-Etxebarria checked in (he forgot to also preregister the cat for the return flight). As animals can’t simply be left unattended, he was forced to maintain the cat while both waited for the next flight, later that day. Unlike what this thread’s headline may suggest, no engagements were missed.

  • Kitty makes me late all the time. Some mornings I have to get up late because she is so comfy sleeping on my lap and I can’t stand to disturb her. Other days she blocks my way when I try to get out of the shower or bathroom. She’s the boss.

  • I vaguely remember another instance when Diego went to vet with his cat Charlotte and his Labrador dog and arrived late for a rehearsal because of the cat scan and the lab work …

  • Actually he does acknowledge that it’s his fault: he forgot to register the cat for the flight, and when he got to the airport they were already at the limit on the number of animals allowed. (If I read it right, he was leaving Spain to go back “home” to Germany, so he couldn’t leave her behind.)

  • For all who don’t understand german, the article doesn’t state that Maestro Etxebarria had a rehearsal and came late. He just flew home with his cat as a responsible owner does.

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