China’s top Maestro returns home to sound of silence

China’s top Maestro returns home to sound of silence


norman lebrecht

February 10, 2020

Message from Long Yu:

It has been a very hard decision for me, but I am back in China from the U.S. via Japan. I arrived to an almost empty Beijing airport yesterday. After so much friendly and sincere advice from different people, I finally decided to come back because my family, friends and musicians who have worked with me over the years are here. With this special virus situation in my country, it’s been a hard time for everyone. I have to do whatever I can to care and to support my family, friends, and musicians, and I want to be together with those who I truly love. My heartfelt appreciation also to my dearest music friends Yo-Yo Ma, Manfred Honeck, JaapvanZweden, Frank Peter Zimmermann and all who sent me the most touching messages of care and support. I will bring a very special me to you from this special time. I truly believe music can bring all of us together.

All concerts in China have been cancelled and most musicians are staying at home. This will be a very quiet time for a busy conductor.


  • Nicksi says:

    Wow, he wastes no time to self promote. Maestro, being with your loved ones at a difficult time like this is not some special act of heroism. Any decent human being would do it.

    • Larry D says:

      And you wasted no time to make a snide comment. Couldn’t you have hesitated and thought things over? Was this necessary? But if you are proud of yourself, go ahead, reveal it to the world.