Breaking: La Scala is shut by Corona virus

Message from the theatre:

Si comunica che in relazione all’evolversi della diffusione del Coronavirus le rappresentazioni del Teatro alla Scala sono sospese a titolo cautelativo in attesa delle disposizioni delle autorità competenti.
Per informazioni relative alla riprogrammazione degli spettacoli e al rimborso dei biglietti si prega di scrivere all’indirizzo o chiamare il servizio infotel +39 02 72 003 744 (servizio attivo tutti i giorni dalle 9 alle 18).
Per altre informazioni si prega di consultare il sito e i social media del Teatro.

We inform you that in relation to the evolution of the Coronavirus spread, the performances of the Teatro alla Scala are suspended as a precaution waiting for the instructions of the competent authorities.
For information relating to the reprogramming of the shows and the refund of the tickets, please write to the address or call the Infotel service +39 02 72 003 744 (everyday from 9am till 6pm).
For further information, please visit the website


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  • I think the world and the media have gone overhysteric and overreactive over this virus. The common flu, a silent killer we don’t hear much about, exponentially kills more people than this one.

    • Indeed. About 100-200 at least have died in Northern Italy from the normal flu this winter season. Maybe more. In bad years thousands die from the flu. Millions get infected.
      Now two people died from a new virus.
      And they close that part of the country completely down.
      What is going on?
      Is this social engineering?
      Trying to prepare us slowly for totalitarian rule and loss of freedom of movement?

    • More numbers:
      there are about 3-5 million heavy cases of flu ever year world wide. thousands die.
      Almost 6 out of 100.000 people in Italy die every year from car accidents. About 3.500 in total.

      Are we closing down all towns with flu cases every year? Are we closing down streets altogether, due to the traffic victims?
      We are irrational beings.
      The fear of the unknown lets us do crazy things.
      Normal flu and car accidents on the other hand are known and we just live with it.

    • Unless you’re willing to accept responsibility for any negative outcome, caution is necessary and the ethical thing to do. Thank goodness there are governments willing to be pro-active and protect their citizens.

  • E strano. I hope this proves over-cautious. Italy has had a few cases and two deaths from Covid 19 in the Veneto and northeast. Have other major European venues been closed?

  • Time for Asian orchestras to cancel tours to Italy.

    It was supremely stupid for Italy to ban all direct flights from China because by so doing, it lost all traceability of Italians returning from China via third countries.

    When politicians don’t follow the advice of epidemiological experts.

    • It was ‘supremely stupid’ that the whole EU did not do the same at that time. Covid-19 is not like ‘common flu’.

  • It’s evidently worse than I thought. BBC News reports 130 Covid-19 cases in Jtaly, with a number of towns now quarantined and the Venice carnival shut down today,two days early, in what BBC says is the worst outbreak in Europe, so far. I’s sounding like Camus’s “The Plague”.

  • Ali has a point. U.S. heath sources recently announced 16,000 deaths in the U.S. from seasonal influenza and 250,000 hospitalizatios since last October., far exceeding all Covid-19 deaths and cases reported so far, yet we hear little about it. Of course we’d prefer not to have either. I’m in a vulnerable category and had shots in January for the first time for flu and pneumonia

  • A mere virus from a foreign country is having this much of an impact on a tiny destination?!?!

    Imagine what a flood of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS would do??

    THINK leftists!

  • Italy is particularly exposed to the spreading of Covid-19 because of too many tourists and too many guest workers (not all of them legal) from China. Parisians should be aware of it.

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