Breaking: Korea shuts down all concerts

We hear from agents that all concerts in South Korea have been cancelled for the rest of February.

It’s the coronavirus.


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  • This is not correct. While many agents have cancelled their concerts and certain cities like Daegu have postponed performances to the autumn, there is no directive from the government and halls have not officially been shut. Seoul Arts Center remains open; SPO is about to hold the inaugural concert of their new MD next week, and many other performances are going on as planned. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but as of today, this is simply not true.
    The photograph with Myun-Whun Chung is from before the outbreak and has nothing to do with this news.

  • Hello Mr. Lebrecht, it seems to me that you need to define by meaning “ALL” as there are more concerts happening than being cancelled in Korea now. And I don’t see how the photo you used is relevant to your article.

  • In your dreams Norman. Did Arnold C. Nielsen, the fake European with long-time professional expertise in the field of international classical music business, said so?

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