Bocelli’s first ever cancellation

Bocelli’s first ever cancellation


norman lebrecht

February 12, 2020

The Italian tenor, down with laryngitis, has cancelled a Valentine’s Day concert in Miami.

It’s said to be his first ever US cancellation.

Lucky guy.

UPDATE: He’s back


  • Gregory says:

    Hopefully the first of many, then maybe we’ll get someone who can actually sing

  • Paul Thomason says:

    Not his first. He cancelled the Met Opera concert on Monday the 10th.

  • Charles says:

    Could they not just play one of his recordings, as he can only be heard through a sound system.

  • CA says:

    He cancelled last Friday Feb 8 in Charlotte. Not sure the reason. Some people said they were told he had laryngitis.

  • Diane Wall says:

    Hope he is ok

  • Janet m martin says:

    What about thursday feb 13th?

  • Emily Ivey says:

    His voice is wonderful!

  • Reagan says:

    He has been postponing, not cancelling.

  • Cora says:

    Get well soon Andrea, these germs are everywhere; even my neighbor’s 6 month baby has it…not singing just crying..☹️

  • Sally says:

    There were previous cancellations. Sure hope he gets feeling better. BTW It damages the vocal cords to sing while they are inflamed

  • Peter says:

    He cancelled the Met on Monday so Miami was not his first cancellation check the facts

  • G Man says:

    Call Marcelito Pomoy of the Philippines to substitute Bocelli. He can mimic the song and voice of Andrea Bocelli.

  • SandraLynch says:

    Hope he gets better soon x

  • Ken says:

    Hope he is well by Sunday for his Charlotte concert for which I have tickets

  • Stereo says:

    Lucky Miami.

  • NYC2020 says:

    He is human! Appreciate the fact that he cancels, and not stepping in that stage to lip-sync. It is called professional dignity! Feel better, Andrea!!!

  • DebEwing says:

    Please Heal your Beautiful voice.prayers

  • Carlos says:

    We’re humans not robots.

  • Di says:

    He’s scheduled for tomorrow the 14th in Tampa, not Miami. Unless he is (was?) doing 2 shows?? We have tickets…

  • Thomas A Smith says:

    Feel better sir. I have a best friend named Scott Priest

    An outstanding lyric teno tenor living in Stasburg va. he’s performed in many operas. slays Nesun Dorma and the infamous ” 9 high c’s” 703 915 3762. hoping to have meeting and auditon. va beach to ocean city, and stained in DC area.

    Many Thanks
    Mr Tom Smith

    ps Mr Andrea Bonicelli…. he’s very very good. bring tears to listeners eyes.

  • Linda L. Cockrum says:

    I wish this masterful tenor a speedy recovery so he can continue to astound his fans with his beautiful voice!

  • Michelle says:

    Praying for a quick recovery. He was supposed to be in Tampa. He may end up cancelling. Get well soon.

  • Mary says:

    Feel better dear loved music Man . Sending good wishes this Valentine’s Day to you and your beautiful bride and your family

  • Angela Ferreira says:

    My husband and I went to Andrea Bocelli concert in Atlanta last night. Even though he was feeling sick, his voice sounded much better than the majority of these singers we see around. He’s one of the best!