Andrea Bocelli says sorry, I’m singing tonight

The Italian tenor is ready to return to the US stage tonight after an unprecedented week of cancellations. He writes:


Dear American Friends,
As you know, a small but insidious health-related issue (laryngitis) has kept me unexpectedly away from the stage for a few days. My voice is finally on the path of total recovery, and I am pleased to share with you all that I will return to the stage later this week in Duluth, Tampa, and Charlotte.

Taking pen and paper and writing to you, to explain what has happened, is not merely my duty, but it is also a reflection of the urgency I feel to reassure you about the state of my health, which is on the mend, and mainly to thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for the many messages of affection I have received.

In particular, I am addressing my audience, the men and women everywhere who have inundated me with messages of affection, esteem and, above all, understanding. Their words have been the best medicine and they have countered my distress (due to this unavoidable pause) and, even more so, my great displeasure at the inconvenience that I, in turn, have created for the people who had travelled many miles and invested their time and money to see me perform. I would like to embrace them all and tell them that when I return to the stage – now just a few days away – I will give my all to be worthy of their affection and I will make every effort to perform music whose beauty is able to reflect the beauty of their souls.

Alas, there have been three concert dates that I have had to temporarily postpone: in addition to Charlotte, where I will greet my fans this coming Sunday, the recital at the Metropolitan in New York and the performance in Miami have also been postponed and I look forward to the new dates being announced shortly.

It is to my great regret that I have been forced to disappoint the expectations of so many friends, who I myself was looking forward to symbolically embracing in the theater and in the arenas, and I must confess that during these days of forced vocal rest, the hundreds of messages of affection that I have been receiving privately, and also publicly through social media, have helped me greatly. These many, many messages have revitalized me and once again they have given the measure of the extraordinary privilege I enjoy, in being able to count on a large extended family, on so many people who care about me. Because when reading phrases such as this, which I quote by way of example, I can only feel grateful and moved, and part of a family: “Get well soon! I’m sure none are feeling the disappointment and frustration as much as they are now. When you give so much relentlessly and travel away from your own comforts of home to do so for others, it can take a toll on the body and soul. You do what you love & give your all, every time, and we love it! We love it so much the demand becomes more and more, good in many ways and gratifying, but also draining/depleting to keep up with it”.

I write to you all in order to be able to reciprocally return all the kindness you have shown towards me.

Andrea Bocelli

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  • Maybe he drank too much coffee and sang too much like me before his tv during il festival di Sanremo last week.

  • DebEwing says:

    I just adore Your angelic Voice.In my prayers I hope too see you one day.sincerly Deb Ewing. Old gal in INDIANAPOLIS Indiana. ❤❤❤❤

  • Bruce says:

    Well, this should satisfy the folks who always want to know exactly why a singer cancels, and for whom “none of your business” is good enough.

  • Time to Say Goodbye. says:

    Is he apologizing for going on? Will he apologize for all of his other performances over the years.

  • Susan says:

    Looking forward to your performance!

  • Jerome Hoberman says:

    What a lovely and graceful message!

  • Sharon Morrison says:

    Respect to you Sir
    Take care of you first most important.
    Xx sha

  • Cheryl says:

    Thank you so much for the heartfelt and gracious message. You need to take care of you first.
    I am glad you are feeling better. I am so excited to see you in Charlotte this Sunday.

  • FrauGeigerin says:

    This guy is to music what a McRib is to cuisine. This man can’t sing. I

    I don’t understand why is SD covering this…

    • Saxon Broken says:

      He can sing (even if not to a particularly high standard when compared to “major opera stars”) and many people enjoy listening to him even if you don’t. And he seems, on the whole, to be reasonably pleasant (despite the reputation of some of the people he associates with).

  • Walter G. says:

    Your performance in Tampa last evening was brilliant! Thank you.

  • Alexander Tarak says:

    The guy can’t sing.

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