A Vienna Phil insider steps down at Vienna Opera

A Vienna Phil insider steps down at Vienna Opera


norman lebrecht

February 03, 2020

Maria Grossbauer, organiser of the Vienna Opera Ball for the past four years, is reported to be leaving the event ahead of the arrival of the new opera house director, Bogdan Roscic.

Grossbauer, 39, is Vienna Philharmonic royalty.

Daughter of the retired trombonist Karl Jeitler, she is married to the violinist and former orchestra chairman, Andreas Grossbauer. She is also a national executive member of Sebastian Kurz’s Volkspartei.

Trouble for Bogdan? Could be.

With Kurz, at the Opera


  • Vienna calling says:

    It’s an unpaid society lady ‘job’ and she will probably not be replaced because the ball has being organised by the same opera employees for years. If this is the biggest problem of the new boss, he’ll be truly blessed.