20 Euros for a bottle of water at Vienna Opera ball

That’s what people were being charged on the street around last night’s extravaganza, we hear.


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  • Alexander says:

    200 ml Moet et Chandon bottle is a bit cheaper ,
    tastes diffEr, though 😉

  • John says:



  • CYM says:

    People who bought these 20 euros water bottles must have read the label backwards !
    « NAIVE » instead of « EVIAN » . . .

  • Monsoon says:

    Boxes cost up to € 23,600, so that sounds like a bargain.

    And apparently, this was the first year that same-sex couples were allowed to participate.

  • Funny… because the opera house said frenquently that the prices the less expensives for the shows are very very low. I heard that it was around 5 euros…

  • Jean says:

    And what was the price they asked for using a toilet …?

  • Willymh says:

    So you’re saying that people going into the ball were buying bottled water from street vendors. Surely someone must have a photo of one or two be-blinged ball goers carrying plastic Evian bottles. Oh wait a minute they were hawking to gawkers? Very cleave bit of click bait NL, very cleaver.

  • Mike Schachter says:

    Enterprising street vendors, market forces.

  • SVM says:

    Serves them right for adding to the single-use-plastic problem. Next time, bring your own bottle or flask (I am assuming that tap-water in Austria is potable).

  • Steven Holloway says:

    As this is the price outside the house, i.e., from street vendors, I really can’t see a scintalla of point to this. In 1973, I emerged from Westminster Abbey with an Italian professor of architecture. A very hot day, a distinguished and sweltering guest, I bought two ice cream cones from a street vendor. Five quid each. And so, 47 years later, and allowing for exchange rate and inflation, I should not be one whit surprised if those cones are circa twenty quid now.

  • George says:

    Yeah, that is what you look forward to when going to the Vienna Opera Ball: buying water in the street .

  • James Lukas says:

    It may surprise commentators here, but no guests are forced to attend the event.
    If you wish – and can afford it – then enjoy!

  • violin accordion says:

    Must be from Alma Deutscher s kitchen sink.

    Carnegie were touting tickets for her at $1770.

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