Tatler says: The opera length glove is back

Tatler says: The opera length glove is back


norman lebrecht

January 28, 2020

Do they mean Rheingold length or Götterdämmerung? We have a right to know.

From the new Tatler, this morning:

The opera length glove is back

As the models at the Valentino Haute Couture show did their final lap of the runway last week – one thing was clear. The longer-length, opera glove is back…. When it comes to playing dress up this season, the gloves are officially on.




£497, farfetch.com



  • I recall a TV program (“The Monte Carlo Show”) on which the comedienne Phyllis Diller came out to play the piano, dressed formally, including white opera gloves.

    She sat down and began to remove her gloves, first very daintily pulling out each finger, then pulling on the whole glove.

    And pulling… and pulling… and pulling… and pulling…

    She had about six feet of opera glove hidden up her sleeve!

    That bit concluded, she and the on-stage orchestra proceeded to play a Mozart piano concerto!

    There was a brief moment of unsteadiness in a technical passage but none-the-less I was gobsmacked that she could knock that out, not having known of her serious interest in such things.