Some more unheard Horowitz from his prime

Some more unheard Horowitz from his prime


norman lebrecht

January 19, 2020

Perfect for Sunday morning.



  • Ruben Greenberg says:

    “..from his prime”? He was always in his prime!

    • Steven van Stadeb says:

      Except when he was overdoing the depression meds, I agree. Actually I think he was in his prime- prime during his sixties when CBS’s Thomas Frost captured his sound so magnificentlly.

  • Fliszt says:

    According to the first-hand accounts I heard from old-timers, Horowitz’s prime was during the 1920’s through 1953, after which he took his 12 year retirement. Yes he did some marvelous playing in subsequent decades, but those who heard him prior to 1953 insisted that he never again reached the pinnacles of his youth.

  • Eliseo Ñ aMartinez says:

    Thanks. What was it?
    Amazing resemblance to her father.

  • Jo Hammond says:

    Thanks for this. Finally I “get” Debussy.

  • The Ghost of Horowitz says:

    Hard to say when his prime was.

    Some prefer his more refined and monochrome playing from 1928-1936 and 1966-1968.

    Others love the newfound heaviness, more extreme percussive attacks, whispering pianissimos and limitless color and raw savageness of the 1945-1950 live series of recording long kept under lock and key at Yale.

    This 1946 recording is from that middle period and Horowitz does not disappoint.