Simone Young leads Aussie bushfire appeal

The best Australian musicians in London are ganging up for a concert on March 1 to raise funds for folks back home whose lives have been devastated by the climate emergency.

Simone Young, incoming chief od the Sydney Sym, will top the bill.

Details/donations here.

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  • I’m not seeking in any way to diminish the tragedy of what’s happening in Australia. But, for example, more people died in the floods in Indonesia and the threat to Jakarta is so serious the government had decided long before the floods that they’ll move the entire capital of 10 million people (30 million in the greater Jakarta area) to an entirely different location. But we hear nothing about that, because white majority countries always get more prominence in the Western media. Where’s the fundraising for countries who don’t manage to get the Western media’s attention?

    • I’ve read plenty about the plan to move the Jakartanese people to a safer location. This is a classical music blog and the story is simply a note about what a classical musician and her cohorts are planning for their particular problem. Are Indonesian classical musicians planning some fundraiser or assistance plan for the Jakartanese? If so, it certainly belongs on this blog.

    • Australia contributed vast money and resources to the Boxing Day tsumani in Indonesia in 2004 when 250,000 people were killed.

  • Thank you for sharing the news about our Bushfire Benefit. The Australian artistic community in the United Kingdom have been incredibly supportive. We are thrilled that Simone Young will lead the orchestra. It wouldn’t be possible without the Royal Academy of Music who are giving us free use of Dukes Hall and a reception room for the concert. We had to do something.

  • Please does anybody know what’s being performed ? Or at least a partial list. I’m keen to support, but a bit of news about repertoire would be welcome. thanks

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