Salzburg names Jansons substitutes

Jansons’ death last month left the festival with two large holes.

Franz Welser-Möst will take over the opening concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic on 26 and 29 July 2020.

Tugan Sokhiev will conduct the centrepiece opera Boris Godunov, making his belated Salzburg Festival debut.

Gergiev must have been asked. Why did he decline?


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  • 1. He is doing Godunov twice in Petersburg and has enough.

    2. Putin changed travel plans and is attending a Petersburg performance, so no need for Valery to conduct in Salzburg.

    3. Last summer gave Valery enough of Salzburg (and Bayreuth).

    4. He was never asked because of 3.

  • This is not a surprise. Welser-Möst worked at the Opera of Vienna a long time and we know the relationship between the two institution. Welser-Möst is the big austrian conductor of his generation. concerning Sokhiev there’s a hype around him with that and after the Waldbühne. He gave a new dimension at the Toulouse orchestra with a very long partnership.

  • Tugan is the better choice for Boris. Previous Boris in Toulouse and Paris around 2014 with ONCT and Furlanetto were just amazing

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