Pianist loses 3 fingers and still plays on

The Boston Globe has the story of Murray Daniels, a former air force pilot who lost three middle fingers in a snowblower accident but plays on with prosthetics at his local church.

Read here.


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  • Admirable!

    I once heard from a pianist who had lost 2 fingers in his right hand: ‘It’s the same but it sounds differently’. He simply left-out the notes he could not play.

  • Ouch! x3!

    I guess it’s “fortunate” he still has a moveable stump on those fingers.

    Piatigorsky’s memoir has a story of subbing at a conservatory for a teacher who was ill and encountering a string of cello students who were missing various fingers.

    Farming accidents? Toxic waste? It wasn’t clear what the cause was.

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