On music, madness and Baltic trains

On music, madness and Baltic trains


norman lebrecht

January 04, 2020

The cellist Margarita Balanas has made an absorbing first film of love and loss, based on a solo work by the composer Peteris Vasks.

You watch it here first.



  • christopher storey says:

    Well, I’m sure it’s about something , but I am totally at a loss to explain what it is

  • Music lover says:

    Rubbish video. Pretentious.

  • Emma says:

    Beautiful story

  • engineers_unite says:

    WTF is this crap all about?
    Isn’t it bad enough to have PR Bollocks constantly from the mass media, without being bombarded with more mediocre toilet from the Baltic states??

    First we are told Latvia is the new musical “powerhouse”, Estonia for some reason is some sort of Ethno dream nirvana because of one minor composer, a Steinway clone factory, and Mravinski spending his holidays there.

    Next thing will be the turn of Lithuania.

    We didn’t need this junk from Heifetz or any of the great musicians of the past.
    Can you imagine Slava or Piatigorsky or Tortelier doing this kind of stuff?

    Such annoying rubbish brings ridicule on musicians not respect.