Vengerov starts streaming, joins Classic FM

Vengerov starts streaming, joins Classic FM


norman lebrecht

January 27, 2020

Press release from Idagio:

BERLIN, 23 January 2020 — Renowned violinist Maxim Vengerov has chosen leading classical music streaming service IDAGIO to exclusively release his newest recordings. …The first album is now available to IDAGIO listeners worldwide, featuring a new recording of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto with conductor Myung-Whun Chung and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, coupled with works by Saint-Säens and Ravel. A second release will be available on February 4. Following Maxim Vengerov’s Royal Albert Hall concert on
June 12, further recordings will be released to mark his 40 years on the stage.

Maxim Vengerov: “This is a new chapter in my recording life. I have specifically selected IDAGIO as a partner going forward because of the high audio quality they offer their subscribers, as well as their remarkably comprehensive and easy to navigate catalogue. IDAGIO is a pioneer in classical music and offers experiences no other streaming service can compete with. IDAGIO is a platform that allows sharing and can broaden anyone’s interest in classical music, whatever the degree of knowledge.”


Full disclosure: Idagio and Slippedisc Ltd are currently running a joint Beethoven project.

UPDATE: Classic FM, which keeps exhorting listeners to relax, has just named Maxim artist in residence for the next year.

Classic FM has created the year-long partnership with the world-renowned musician and conductor, ahead of his special anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall this summer to celebrate 40 years on stage.

For the partnership, Classic FM will broadcast exclusive recordings from Vengerov, including concertos by Brahms and Tchaikovsky; an in-depth interview ahead of his special concert and a Maxim Vengerov ‘takeover’ weekend celebrating the man and the music. In addition,
twelve new videos will be released across the year on and Classic FM’s social platforms, with Vengerov sharing his advice on performance and study. In Classic FM’s Full Works Concert (weekdays, 8pm to 10pm), there will be further exclusive
recordings of the star violinist’s live performances, including a recital from New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall.


  • Chung and Vengerov two magnificents artists

  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    My overall impression is that streaming is most suited to those who consume music primarily in the background while they are busy with other activities.

    • Brian v says:

      I agree I only have compact discs and vinyl

    • Anon says:

      I’m a younger professional musician. I don’t have money to buy many cds. For 5 euros a month, I can access almost any recording I need, without limits. And I listen very seriously, probably more so than you

  • Tim says:

    As a student as recently as the late ‘90’s, I remember the excitement we felt when a new Vengerov CD came out.

    How times have changed. We used to value albums, anticipate them, cherish and look after them. And in buying them we felt we were supporting artists we liked. It’s hard to see how anyone, including the young, will get anything similar from this arrangement.

  • Nijinsky says:

    Oh cool what kind of instrument does he have? I just found out I have a Stradivari, you can see his son’s lip marks still on the neck, trying to get it down his throat. Playing Patti Cake are we!?

  • M. says:

    Music streaming is going towards what the video streaming services have, exclusive deals. We’ll end up maintaining multiple streaming providers subscriptions just to be able to listen to our favourite artists, just like we have to have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and others to be able to follow favourite shows. What a shame.

  • engineers_unite says:

    Music streaming is complete rubbish.

    Not only zero control over the highly edited trash that passes for music, loudness wars dictate it will also be compressed to death and have about as much to do with reality as camping on mars.

    Add CODECs to the mix and music is dying.
    CDs already were pretty horrible, mostly 90% already were fit for the toilet.

    Now you can add AAC and hurt your ears, proclaiming it’s progress.

    Give me live on the BBC or France Musique and time of the day.
    Streaming is overhyped crap.

  • EugenF says:

    Maxim Vengerov promised years ago that he would set up his own VMV (Vengerov Music Vision) recording label.
    Too bad he didn’t manage to set it up.

    I asked (begged) him in 2017, at Enescu Festival, to release for posterity more HI-RES audio albums (eg. SACDs or BluRay pure audio discs). He told to me that he already made such hi-res albums…?!?
    On hi-res market there is only one hi-res disc album with Vengerov : ESOTERIC ESSW-90069.

    I agree that streaming music is mostly for listening in background …not for an audiophile enthusiast 🙁

    Speaking about IDAGIO streaming service: there is only one lossless format available (only with premium subscription) – FLAC at 16-bit 44.1 kHz.
    This is definitely not an HI-RES audio streaming service.