Muti makes pizza

Dennis Polkow has just published this unprecedented portrait of a maesro at work.

Whatever your order, do not request pineapple topping.

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  • Manchester library have a copy of Riccardo muti’s autobiography. Shame it is in Italian
    Because it has been published in English.

    • van Zweden should show Muti how to make a proper thin-crust NYC pizza. There are any number of pizzarias within walking distance from Lincoln Center that would that would gladly grant a photo-op.

      • The van Zweden pizza – precision-rolled, equally thin crust everywhere, pepperoni slices evenly placed, perfect-looking pizza, and no flavour.

  • Well at least that’s more interesting that another story about Ludwig’s last symphony where the choir is featured spitting out hair balls, or at least’stryinging to.

  • My fly on the wall informs me that these are actually not pizzas but scores of 20C works he did not particularly like.

  • That’s truly exciting. Maybe he can make a tuna-melt as well. Obviously a man of many skills. This is really news. Unprecedented.

  • Great photo – he looks like a mad scientist!
    But “MUTI MAKES PIZZA”? No way. You know it’s phony because he has no flour on his clothing, nor is he wearing an apron.

  • “Whatever your order, do not request pineapple topping.”

    + BBQ Sauce
    + Pulled pork
    + Pineapple
    + Red onion
    + Cream cheese
    + Mozarella
    + Cheddar
    + Cilantro

    As God intended. Don’t argue with God.

      • “You forgot HP Sauce on the list.”

        Hm! I’ll try that, thank you!

        “There are many gods.”

        Or none, depending on who you ask. 😉

        • The EU is facing a severe Cheddar (and HP Sauce) crisis thanks to Brexit.

          Life just won’t be the same without Pizza Cheddar.

          • “The EU is facing a severe Cheddar (and HP Sauce) crisis thanks to Brexit.”


            “Life just won’t be the same without Pizza Cheddar.”

            So true!

  • Is it just me?

    1. It doesn’t look like Riccardo Muti.
    2. He has no flour on him; this is just a pretense.
    3. He didn’t really make the pizza; he’s just shoving he finished dough with paste in an oven, however he is.
    4. He probably would have had the CSO Concertmaster assist him.

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