Look away, Lola’s taking it off again

The Trumpian pianist Lola Astanova, in her new video, is inappropriately attired for January.

And her touch is really heavy in Clair de Lune.

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  • She’s gorgeous – and playing for Trump doesn’t make her a “Trumpian pianist” anymore than being a chef at a Trump hotel makes her/him a “Trumpian chef”. A high-profile gig is a high-profile gig when you’re a young musician just getting established.
    Though I agree with you, Norman, about her “Clair de lune”. Listen to Albert Ferber, Hans Henkemans, or pre-war Gieseking to hear the real deal.

  • Piano porn!! That’s the key to success, for some. Others are heading in that direction but manage to, at least, appear without us seeing their underwear. But very little is left to the imagination in the super short skirts.

    Clue; this isn’t about music.

    Where are the feminists? Are they going to be screaming “he was inappropriate”? I was ‘sexually harassed”!! In short, he responded to my tease and I’m crying foul!! All the time. Always.

    Girls, put some clothes on and don’t advertize your wares if you don’t want attention.

  • Wow. That’s soft core porn. Very produced. I guess she’s just putting it out there more overtly than others. She definitely owns her shtick.

    I’d be interested to know if her fans consider themselves classical music lovers in general, or if she alone can satisfy them.

  • Well, she is not overburdened with good taste, but at least she seems to like classical music more than Russian new Minister of Culture does.

  • I’m sure you’ve (un)covered this ground before, but how is Lola a Trumpian pianist? BTW, I’ve certainly heard more mannered performances of “Clear The Saloon”.

  • Why look away? She wants you to admire her. No matter how good she is, her visual performance style is gaining mileage with every work she presents.

    We can only imagine her next presentation, where the piano may not even be in the picture. She’ll then attract another crowd of followers who prefer eye candy to ear candy.

  • May be you can explain to us how is Astanova “a Trumpian” pianist?!? As far as we know Trump is not a classical music fan and Astanova is an USSR, Tashkent-born pianist with solid education!!

  • This earth-shattering !!! news item would likely have delighted audiences on Entertainment Tonight, but doesn’t belong on SD.

  • She looks more like a Kennedy or Clinton girl to me; I wonder if, like Hilary, she calls herself a ‘feminist’ too!!??

    Yep, my man’s a serial philanderer and I put up with the public humiliation. That makes me a real feminist!!

  • I’m inclined to be somewhat sympathetic. About 15 years ago my wife and I attended a sparsely attended recital by Juilliard trained young violinist, Janice Martin (No relation), just coming off a glowing review in the Washington Post and playing a Stradivarius violin.

    Now Martin performs in Branson, Missouri as the “World’s only aerial acrobatic and Juilliard trained Violinist, pianist, singer… .” In consolation I’m ordering her CD.


  • Pathetic! Not the video or the musical performance, but the sexually repressed, neo-Victorian music snobs, criticising both the woman’s performance and her attire.

  • I really enjoy seeing her display how the music effects her. Her body becomes an extension of the passion she is presenting.via the piano. She plays the instrument from thundering bass sounds to the very light upper registry of the instrument. Her selection her clothing gives one a beautiful visual presentation of the her outer beauty. Love her repertoire. Extraordinary musician,


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