IMG signs borderline pianist

IMG signs borderline pianist


norman lebrecht

January 09, 2020

The outstanding Russian pianist Andrei Gugnin – roughly treated at a Balkan border over Christmas – is the year’s first major signing by an international artists’ agency.

He’s seriously good, and he will be managed out of IMG’s London office.


  • Victor Trahan says:

    Basic English: ‘Borderline’ means ‘barely acceptable in quality or as belonging to a category, on the borderline: marginal, uncertain, unsure, unsettled, undecided, not quite up to standard’.

    If he’s ‘seriously good’, as you state, he can’t be borderline.

    • Dick says:

      In this instance, the word borderline doesn’t refer to a personality defect. It doesn’t refer to a criticism that he is just acceptable. It literally means that he was on the border and he got away.
      Don’t ever quit your job to become an editorialist. You have to know something before you speak.

      • Amos says:

        Great; this is at least the third time in the last month that a “header” has inferred a pejorative connotation when it was unnecessary. Perhaps the editor thinks it’s clever/witty or a device to get readers to click on the entry but imo it diminishes him and the blog.

      • Richard says:

        A ‘border’ is a ‘border’ not a ‘borderline’ as one word. There is still a mistake in word use.

  • Michael says:

    Never heard of him

  • Larry says:

    André who??

  • Jon says:

    Isn’t it funny that he gets management and was eliminated rather quickly from the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition? I guess that the management thought that he was worth investing in. It’s odd that a group of pianists chuck him out and then an artist company picks him up. Goes to show how much then they think of the results at the last Tchaikovsky.