German composer jumps in to save James Bond

The American composer Dan Romer has been dismissed by the producers of James Bond 007: No Time to Die over ‘creative differences’ – Hollywood speaks for he won’t do as he’s told.

Happily, Hans Zimmer was available to step in at the 11th hour.

The only remaining mystery is, will there be a piano part for Yuja Wang (pictured with Herr Zimmer)?

Variety has more.

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  • No fussing about Paternity, since Hollywood made out Beethoven got his own son to miss a shot, Beethoven who wouldn’t be in the same room with the woman who was rumored to have Mozart’s child, although in the end he would; and wrote some mysterious letter along with For Release, or is it that we are on about Gershwin again, who should have had children of a different class, culture, race to go into the factory laboratory of more whhaaAAAyt trash!?

    Or is this audition to Fi Fye Foh Fum a different childhood for Mr. Bond. Who knows his father!?

  • It might be interesting, given a screen strong enough, whatever ends up visible, and hopefully available good enough and accurate projecting abilities, along with very personal situations so that whoever is doing the shooting isn’t bothered by anyone around them, that then then whole music could be anyone in the place of interest, sitting down as audience to catapult, slingshot, throw, or maybe even taking a bow an arrow to then hit the screen with their projectiles and have that suffice as music for Hollywood.

    Anyone have a better more descriptive idea of how to portray what goes on in Hollywood?

    And think of all the opportunity get real creative talent in the business of maintaining the architecture of exactly where the light hits making sound judgments.


      • They could also bring Jan Hammer out of retirement, or Bill Conti. 2020s James Bond is crying out for 1980s music, not for pompous bores.

  • “German composer jumps in to save James Bond”

    I think it’ll have to be a writer jumping in to save James Bond. The last Bonds were abysmal.

    • Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the step-in. Highly regarded but whether her stated agenda melds with Bond remains to be seen. All I know of her work is the first season of Killing Eve, which — against popular and critical opinion, I know — I found dire and have never watched since. I did start well, but I lost interest long before it was done.

  • When an actual Bond composer didn’t work out for “Incredibles” they called Michael Giacchino.

    I wonder if his name came up?

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