Covent Garden suspends Royal Ballet star

Covent Garden suspends Royal Ballet star


norman lebrecht

January 30, 2020

The Times reports: The Royal Ballet’s star choreographer has been suspended amid claims of sexual misconduct with students … Liam Scarlett, 33, who was made the Royal Ballet’s artist-in-residence after a meteoric rise, is understood to have been banned from Covent Garden pending an inquiry.

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It is alleged that complaints about Scarlett had been ignored for the past ten years.


Australia’s Queensland Ballet has instantly dropped Scarlett from its roster.


  • Nijinsky says:

    I dunno, looks like another illegitimate child, oops Grand Child) of Mario Lanza, maybe it’s genetic and should be left at that. ELIZA!

  • Paul Dawson says:

    “… encouraged them to send him naked photographs.” This is not just wrong, it’s also idiotic. It’s almost asking for complaints to be filed.

    • Kolb Slaw says:

      Um, have you never seen a dating/hook-up app? That is all they are for. In that context, it is totally normal, young people are trading nudies all the time. It’s foreplay.

  • Charles says:

    Surely it should have been referred to the Police immediately?

  • Tinkerbelle says:

    Sorry, but how many senior dancers, managers, teachers etc. were aware, and for how many years, before action was taken. Absolutely disgraceful! I shall withdraw my financial support. This is the last straw!

    • V.Lind says:

      Hang on — he was suspended last August and an investigation was launched immediately. Let it play out to see how much of the blame lies at the door of the company — I daresay dancers are as susceptible as singers to the question of whether to report someone of power Dancers live and die on roles that are “created on” them, and the choreographer ALWAYS holds that power.

      And, NL — you must know by now that The Times is paywalled. Please either cut and paste your source stories or use others. Here is one for now:

      There is also a story in The Guardian. It came after the Times article, as it references it but the BBC one was out FIVE HOURS earlier than that in The Times.

  • Karl says:

    I wait until I hear the accurse side of the story before passing judgment.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      If the accused, knowing they are guilty, refuse to comment, then you will never pass judgement. I guess you apply that even to criminal trials where the defendant can decline to testify; you would automatically find them not-guilty.

  • Donald Hansen says:

    The San Francisco Ballet has cancelled his “Hummingbird” ballet which was to be performed in February. A replacement ballet has not yet been announced.