Composer’s cat plays Empurror Concerto

This is Conrad Tao at work.


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  • Rostropovich was asked if he had any regrets defecting to the US. “The only regret is I had to leave our beloved poodle behind. But we have replaced her now with another poodle, who has a special talent.” “What’s that?” “She plays modern music.”

  • Yes. It is impossible, and that is why, on this clip, he is playing with no care, no intent or, worst sin of all, no phrasing. Phrasing is, unsurprisingly, as integral to a phrase, as the notes contained within it. To play (I cannot bring myself to call this nonsense practice) without phrasing is a total waste of time and, instead of honing an interpretation, does actual damage to whatever end result he might be aiming for. I guess though, that if his concert’s already sold out he doesn’t have to bother that much.

  • That’s enough, Conrad. If you are truly the genius that you want the public to believe you are, then quit your cheesy, manipulative tactics and give your talent a chance to speak for itself. As for this pointless video, your wise cat is clearly (and appropriately) unconvinced.

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