Bryn Terfel breaks a foot

Bilbao Opera has replaced the Welsh baritone for tonight’s Flying Dutchman, the last in the present run.

They say he fell and broke his right foot.

Wish you better, Sir Bryn.


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    • Either you nd up compromising recovery by walking around on it – or theyll have to do a wheelchair production as per Joyce DiDonato did at Covent Garden some years back for Barber, and sitting on a stool for her concert work with a broken leg. Not funny. Really wish him well and a good recovery. The foot is a nasty and complicated place to have a fracture or break, and in the winter.

    • This is a mean and pointless response. Depending which bone(s) is broken he could be cancelling for a few months.
      Cofion gorau, Bryn.

  • Teally? Birgit Nilsson fell and dislocated her shoulder and got out of a hospital bed to sing two Giotterdammerungs before being forced to cancel a couple. Joyce di Donato sang Rosinas after fracturing her leg. I guess women really are the tougher sex.

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