Breaking: Music director quits in first season

MDR reports that Ariane Matiakh, the rising French conductor, is negotiating her departure as General Music Director in Halle, Saxony.

Matiakh, 39, has only been there four months.

It appears that her guest conducting schedule has got too busy and there have been complaints about her absence in Halle.

She also holds posts in Aalborg (Denmark) and Berlin.

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  • I can think of plenty of experienced sticks who would show more commitment to an orchestra than this. Very poor form, unless she is just unsuited to commuting a la Gergiev.

  • “She also holds posts in Aalborg (Denmark) and Berlin.”

    No she doesn’t, whatever Google Translate may have told you.

  • Trilocation is never a good and health way to live, let alone to make music.

    It behooves music directors everywhere to be contractually required to be present for at least 75% of each season/number of performances.

    Another option is to pay them a set amount for each bar they conduct, and not a cent or penny more.

    No wonder that standards sink, with those fly-in-and around conductors.

    • “It behooves music directors…to be present for at least 75% of each season”

      Huh? Does anything like that happen at any full-time orchestra? How many even reach 50 percent?

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