Beethoven gets Scandi-noir treatment

The visual language of Scandiavian murder dramas appears to dominate the Beethoven-themed Point festival in Gothenburg.

Here’s the rationale:
Sten Cranner, General Manager and Artistic Director of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra:
‘Beethoven has like no one else influenced not only European music, but music as an art form. To many composers and musicians, he is still, 250 years after his birth, a great inspiration as well as a towering authority. This year’s Point Music Festival is an exploratory expedition where Beethoven is put in contrast with contemporary composers Bent Sørensen, Hans Abrahamsen, Lera Auerbach, Richard Ayres and Andrea Tarrodi – musical experiences testing our senses.’


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  • That trailer is clearly and unambiguously about the Lera Auerbach opera. It’s not a trailer for the whole festival – merely for one event in it. Not sure what the link to Beethoven is.

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