US soprano suffers in Paris strikes

US soprano suffers in Paris strikes


norman lebrecht

January 24, 2020

There has been no opera in Paris this month due to strikes, with two premieres called off. Ailyn Perez was due to appear in Tales of Hoffmann. She writes:

In moments and circumstances like what we are observing in #Paris, I am reminded to seek peace, stay calm, and be ready to offer our art to all when the timing is right. Unfortunately, our premiere tonight is canceled. There are at least 3 operas with gorgeous productions with top level musicians, cast, and crew that are hoping to be presented. Hopefully, very soon!
My heart is with you all. Thanks to the support of the great administration @operadeparis and colleagues involved, we are really hanging onto our friendship, hope, and the MUSIC!


  • Emil says:

    Solidarity with the striking opera staff not included.

    • fflambeau says:

      She does mention “cast and crew.” Try reading it again.

      • Emil says:

        Gee, thanks for the snark. She mentions the “cast and crew” are good artists – that’s not the same thing. She thanks the “administration”, which is not the strikers. “‘My heart is with you all” could be anyone, really.

        All in all, this is a ‘it’s too bad that the premiere is cancelled because I wanted to sing’, not a ‘there’s no way I’m crossing a picket line and it’s a good thing they cancelled. Nuance.

        It’s a carefully worded statement that says absolutely nothing about the conflict. And it would be helpful to workers if the stars – who actually have influence on the administration – expressed support rather than simply acknowledging that their performance got cancelled.

    • fflambeau says:

      She does also commend the “cast, and crew”

  • willymh says:

    Again I am wondering why do we need to know she is an American? Almost every post on here today – and every other day – mentions the nationality of a performer. Why does this seem necessary in the classical music world? Should I feel any different if she were Palauan or French? And would it make any difference to the story?

  • Mr. Schwa says:

    There are many people suffering much more than Ms. Perez. And on the chance that the Hoffmann is yet another updated Eurotrash production, maybe it’s better they’re on strike?…..