When Trump fell in love with disabilities band

The Shalva ensemble is made up of musicians with disabilities.


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    • Probably, DT thinks that the only people he can genuinely relate to are people with disabilities, which is an insult to any disabled person. Anything this man thinks or does, is an insult to someone or something.

      • Mostly. He’s been consistently supportive and inspiring to bigots of all kinds. Even when he denounced their ideology, he did so by mechanically reading from a teleprompter – following some mass shootings he undoubtedly inspired.

        • That’s a highly irresponsible statement, Mr. Linardos, and is exactly the sort of rhetoric that perpetuates many of the issues currently faced in the US. Bigotry works both ways, and there can be no doubt that the escalation of racial tensions began to flare anew under the previous administration (which, by the way, was famous for its use of teleprompters for even the most basic statements). Minority demographics may have felt that they had found their voice when Obama was elected, but he simply used their arguably bigoted loyalty to amass votes and power while doing nothing to aid them in their economic plight.

        • Firstly, the NYT is an activist news site filled with Democratic acolytes and which reflects confirmation bias. A major reason for the decline in authority and respect for the media.

          Secondly, Presidends do have limited power over the world economy but there are things which can be done to improve the economy of the USA – and Trump is doing that. The job figures speak for themselves.

          There’s an expression in the electoral parlance, “it’s the economy, stupid”. That about sums it up, if you’ll pardon the pun. The Democrat obsessed with identity politics and urban pieties has trashed the brand.

          I didn’t make this up: I read, a lot!!

          • I don’t doubt that you read, but probably not the NYT. I’ve been reading them daily for more than a decade and they don’t fit your description. I don’t treat the NYT as a gospel, but as a rich source of information which I read selectively. They have op-eds from insiders of all sides. Yesterday they even published on op-ed by Jared Kushner.

            The way you portray Democrats has little to do with the Democrats I know, myself included.

  • Orwellian. That great opponent of racism who puts migrants in cages and kidnaps their children. A man who has led the largest resurgence of racism in the USA in decades.

          • I respectfully disagree. Obama was a good talker and that was about it. I’m not American and I grew tired of his bromides and nostrums. He is effete.

            I don’t admire Donald Trump; in fact, I have no thoughts about him at all really. He doesn’t interest me. What does interest me is hypocrisy and it’s everywhere to be found. Big time.

        • I’d rather state truth than bury my head in the PC sand. Obama was the largest divider of the US citizenship in recent history. The list of his inadequacies and failures of leadership is far too long for this site and this is not the place for lengthy discourse about it. Still, the fact remains that America became a racially divided powder keg while Obama held office, in no small part because he repeatedly inserted himself into issues he should not have and he repeatedly criticized law enforcement. His rhetoric may not have been as inflammatory as that of Trump, but the resulting societal polarization was every bit as pervasive.

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